Why Should You Invest in a Perimeter Fence?

designed perimeter fence of a house

One of the reasons people insist on putting up fencing around their homes is to protect both the property and the people and belongings inside. This makes perimeter fencing one of the more important types of fencing since there is a variety of threats to consider.

In Tampa, fence installation is primarily concerned with keeping outsiders at bay, but there’s a secondary purpose of keeping things (mostly pets) inside. This puts a special requirement for perimeter fencing: not only does it have to keep people out, but it should provide a good enough containment system to keep people inside.


For perimeter fencing, the first consideration is often what it’s built from. There is a variety of materials available that you can choose from, which will greatly affect how your fence is built and how well it can keep unauthorized people out.

However, one of the important things you should remember is that the material used is subject to different regulations, depending on your jurisdiction. It’s usually not a bad idea to check with your local zoning laws about the types of material that you can use, because they’re subject to different safety and environmental protocols.


metal perimeter fence for safety and security

Closely following the material of the fence is the design. This can often vary in terms of the purpose: for example, animals and other pests will often require a more specialized fence, as they can squeeze through gaps that humans cannot.

On the other hand, human fencing can require more additions that aren’t necessary on animal fencing. In cases where the property is heavily restricted or contains extremely valuable resources, you may need to ask for special permits to put more robust types of fencing in place.


Finally, the cost of perimeter fencing always needs to be considered when it comes to other types of protection. Is it possible for you to acquire the same level of protection with other types of materials or designs for your fence? Is it completely necessary for you to have a fence at all? Is the value of what you’re protecting worth the cost of putting up the fence?

These questions cannot only determine what type of fence you should be putting up on your property; they can also serve as a guide to see what you can get from installing a perimeter fence. While security is always a good option when it comes to installing fences, you may need to ask yourself if it’s doing more harm than good before putting one up.

Proper perimeter fencing not only requires the right materials and design but the technical knowledge to put up as well. If you find yourself in need of a skilled contractor to get your fence up, contacting your local fencing company is a good start. Security doesn’t come cheap—and if you’re putting up a fence of any type, you’d get your money’s worth. Just make sure you stay updated with the maintenance schedule and you hire only the professionals when it comes to your fence installation project.

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