Why You Should Be a Paralegal

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When the topic of conversation goes to building a career in law, most people tend to think that it’s extremely difficult because becoming an attorney requires money, time, and perseverance. But what many don’t know is that there’s another profession in the legal system that’s not as tedious to acquire as to becoming a lawyer. That is the paralegal profession.

Online paralegal degrees can help you become one in a year or two. After you’ve become a paralegal, you can apply in any law firm or even do freelance work. That’s not all.

Pay is good

According to several reports, a paralegal’s median salary back in 2017 was $50,410. They added that the best-paid paralegals received a salary of $64,680 while the lowest-paid received $38,630. So, even those who weren’t performing well still came out with a substantially good income.

And be reminded that that was back in 2017. Chances are the median salary of a paralegal has increased by then. On top of that, you’re definitely going to receive bonuses and overtime pay for your efforts.

High demand

You’d be surprised to know that paralegals are much more in demand than lawyers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the paralegal profession is in high demand, and there will be a 15% employment growth for these individuals up to 2026. It’s twice the demand for attorneys, so opt to become a paralegal if you’re looking for job security.

Flexibility is high

Another advantage of becoming a paralegal is that you can apply your profession in any field other than the court. Due to the nature of a paralegal’s profession, you can work with real estate companies, corporate companies, medical facilities, government agencies, and even schools.

Everywhere you go, a paralegal is needed because these individuals are adept at processing legal documents, conducting research, and educating people about legal procedures. No matter what the industry is, a paralegal can step in and help an organization with legal matters.

It’s not as stressful

Being a paralegal means that you can help attorneys prepare for their case. This involves conducting research, interviewing witnesses, preparing legal documents, filing motions, and other relevant tasks.

The beauty of working as a paralegal is that once you step into the court, the lawyer will be the one to handle the case from then on. You get to sit back and watch the lawyer work their magic into convincing the jury that your client is innocent of any misdeeds.

Most lawyers have confessed to developing high levels of stress due to their profession. You, as a paralegal, are relatively safe from this situation because your job is to just help the lawyer prepare for the case.

You help people

Paralegal checks the documents, looking at documents in his office

Finally, the best thing about being a paralegal is that you get to help people. Sure, the lawyer will be the only one to dole out legal advice, but the legwork you’ll do (research, interviewing witnesses, filing motions, etc.) will be your contribution to the case.

Don’t ever look down on this profession because paralegals are just as important as lawyers. So, if you’re looking for a job that would provide you with a significantly high salary and the chance to help people, then choose to become a paralegal.

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