Working From Home: The New Norm

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Flexibility is the name of the game amidst the rising tide of Millennial and Gen Z recruits in various industries. Cubicles and boxed in work desks are becoming things of the past. Even the traditional 9 to 5 setup is being challenged by the lifestyle sported by most Millennials and Gen Zers.

Questioned is the efficiency of the old industrial system of having singular boxed desks in an office located in a high-rise building. The work from home setup necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic currently garners positive outlooks from people of all ages. People are starting to realize and discover that most non-physical work can be done remotely — over the phone or the internet. As restrictions and lockdowns slowly start to get lifted, more and more companies around the world are opting to shift to a work from home setting.

Economical For Companies

Companies shifting to this new trend can opt for smaller and more practical office spaces. Having a work from home setup will deter the need to rent or own a bigger office. A drastic change like this will allow less overhead costs for electricity, rent, and other utilities. Savings can be diverted to the employees to keep them happy! Sick leaves and absences from pandemic related illnesses will likely be minimized as everyone is tucked away safely at home.


Other than being economical for companies, the work from home setup is also cheap for employees as well. Transportation costs will be reduced if not negated altogether. The time usually allocated to prepare for the travel to the office can be used for the person’s personal health and well-being.

Do More From Home

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Ironic as it may sound, increased productivity is almost guaranteed from a work from home setup. Distractions from other workmates and non-essential chatter can be minimized. Motivation will be at an all-time high because of the implied trust of the employer towards the employee. Employees can schedule their work properly. Their mental health and well-being will also improve as employees can focus on their selves, their families, and their communities.

Chance To Focus On Things That Truly Matter

Employees and bosses have the chance to focus on things that truly matter. From discovering a new hobby or bonding with the family to something fairly as simple as puppy training your new dog, the work from home setup gives you a chance to rediscover your passions and pleasures in life. From your own home, work-life balance can easily be achieved if you properly allocate time for each. People’s pursuit of passions no longer tied to employment can lead to a more agile, flexible, and efficient workforce. A workforce will be ready to commit time in order to make time for other endeavors.

In a word, there are only positives of working from home. In a time of uncertainty, people are rediscovering themselves through their prolonged stay at home. We are beginning to value connectivity and our relationships more and not take them for granted. With the pandemic still in play, it’s not absurd to ask for an arrangement that greatly benefits and is more practical for both employers and employees.

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