Meatloaf Muffins Recipe

Mini Meatloaf Muffins

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Dinner time comes all too fast on the weeknights, especially now that the weather is getting better. When we get out of work and get Lennox from school, by the time we get home – she’s ready to play outside on her playground or with her neighborhood friends. This is great, especially since as summer hits, it will just get TOO hot to play in the evenings, but that means I only have 30 minutes to get dinner ready and on the table for Lennox and family to eat before bath and bedtime. I love when I can put together a weekend style meal on a weeknight schedule! The meals are so much better and cutting time off a traditional recipe is great! 

Finding meals that truly take only 30 minutes is sometimes challenging – but this week I revisited one of my favorite recipes, Meatloaf Muffins. I changed up the recipe a bit to incorporate a new product by Cambell’s Soup and it now only takes 30 minutes to prep are cook and I became a #WeekNightHero! I want you to be a champion at dinner time as well, so today I’m sharing with you how to make Meatloaf Muffins or Cupcakes! 

Meatloaf Muffins Recipe

Mini Meatloaf Muffins


  • 2 Pounds Extra Lean Ground Beef (make sure you buy the extra lean (96%) ground beef because if you get too fatty of a beef, it will be too greasy and cause a big mess in your oven!)
  • 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 3/4 Cup Italian Breadcrumbs
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Campbell’s Soup for Easy Cooking – Sweet Onion – You can find this in the soup aisle at Walmart!
  • Mashed Potatoes (prepared your favorite way)
  • Ketchup (optional)


How to make:

  1. Preheat oven at 375º.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together the 2 pounds of extra lean ground beef, 1 cup cheddar cheese, 3/4 cup breadcrumbs and 1 egg. Mix well.
  3. Add in 1/2 a box of Cambell’s Soup for Easy Cooking - Sweet Onion flavor.
  4. Mix together well. At this point you can decide if you think it is too thick or thin. I added in another 1/4 of the box of Cambell’s Soup for Easy Cooking until I got to the consistency that I like for meatloaf.
  5. Once mixed together well, form into small – medium sized balls and place each ball into a cupcake/muffin tin. One batch will fill up one, 12 muffin pan.
  6. Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.
  7. While the meatloaf is baking, make your mashed potatoes as desired.
  8. When the meatloaf muffins are done, I topped them with a little bit of ketchup and piped mashed potatoes on top of some of them to create the muffin/cupcake look!

Now all you need to do is serve and enjoy! These really could be used for a family gathering, regular family dinner or even made ahead of time for a busy night! Leftovers are great with these and I just love the flavor that the Sweet Onion Cambell’s Soup for Easy Cooking gives them! If you head to your local Walmart soon, make sure to pick up one of the four varieties that are available in the soup aisle! There is currently a coupon available as well for .75¢ off! Coupon is available for one month, launching on 3/13.

Mini Meatloaf Platter

Ps. Your kiddo may even ask you if she can have one for dessert… she fell for the “cupcake” take on meatloaf! Love it!


You’re Not You When You’re Hungry – Take a SNICKERS® Break!

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Do you get so busy doing all your mommy and daddy jobs that you forget to eat? Do you turn into someone different when you are hungry? I know I do! When I’m hungry, I’m not myself, but sometimes I just forget to eat. 


Between all the running around with Lennox, working, blogging, my never-ending to-do list and life in general, hours can pass before I eat. When I don’t eat – I’m sure I’m not pleasant to be around. When I asked Kyle who I turned into when I was hungry.. this was his response.

DEBBIE DOWNER from SNL! I’m not even surprised at all – it’s pretty true! When Lennox gets hungry, she is the grumpiest little four-year old you will ever meet! And when Kyle is hungry, he is just plain grumpy too! His James Bond shirt explains it all… and his silly facial expressions.


So since we all know “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, it’s important to remember to take a break, have a snack and just relax for a moment. Even just 3 minutes of quiet, by yourself, with a snack, can make a difference! So instead of being Debbie Downer like me….

Hungry Mom Emergency Kit, You're Not you when you're hungry! #WhenImHungry

Grab a SNICKERS® Almond Bar or SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Bar and take a break! You could even have some fun and create SNICKERS® Meme and enter the latest contest. To enter, visit SNICKERS® “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your Computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create something new! You could win up to $50,000! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59AM ET on 7/15/15.

Hungry Mom Emergency Kit, You're Not you when you're hungry! #WhenImHungry

Since I know all Moms are busy, I had a little fun and created a free printable that would be a great idea for including in a new mom gift basket, mother’s day or just given to any mom that you know may need a break! All you need to do is run to your local Walmart candy aisle or candy by the register and pick up your favorite SNICKERS® Candy Bars!


Once back home, print out this “In Case of Mommy Emergency” printable to put on your SNICKERS® candy bar. Just click the image below to download and print it out.


Wrap it around the candy bar, tape the back and you’re good to go! You now have the perfect Hungry Mom Emergency Kit! Take a mommy break and eat a Snickers®!


See more great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS® social hub.

Who are you when you’re hungry? 

Easter Bunny Puddding Cups, Easter PEEPS, Easter Dessert idea

PEEPS® Easter Bunny Pudding Cups

I have another fun Easter PEEPS® treat to share with you today. This one is pretty simple as well and would be great to bring with you to a party or make for your family sometime this week or even on Easter day! If you missed my other Easter treats, make sure to look here!

Easter Bunny Puddding Cups, Easter PEEPS, Easter Dessert idea

PEEPS® Easter Pudding Cups

What you need:

  • Small Graham Cracker Pie Crusts
  • Chocolate Pudding (prepared)
  • PEEPS®
  • Frosting, Coconut and/or Sprinkles (whatever you would like to decorate your cups with!)

How to make:

  1. Prepare the chocolate pudding as directed to on the box. Once it is soft set, pour it into each of the small graham cracker pie crusts / bowls.
  2. As the pudding is setting, stick a PEEPS® bunny into each cup. Within 5 minutes or so, your pudding will set fully and the bunny shouldn’t move.
    Easter Bunny Puddding Cups, Easter PEEPS, Easter Dessert idea
  3. Add whatever toppings you would like to make “grass”. I used green coconut, green sprinkles and green frosting to make a variety of looks and tastes!
    Easter Bunny Puddding Cups, Easter PEEPS, Easter Dessert idea
  4. Keep in the fridge until you are ready to serve!

That’s it! It could even be fun to bring all the toppings out and let kids (and adults!) decorate their own!Easter Bunny Puddding Cups, Easter PEEPS, Easter Dessert idea Disclosure: “The PEEPS® product, information and gift have been provided by Just Born Retail Group.”