A Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Stamps


There are more types of stamps than you probably think, and all have their own unique features. Whether you are an avid crafts fan or an office worker looking to upgrade your supplies, you should know the different types of stamps and what they can be used for:

Types of stamps:

1. Art stamps

You've probably seen art stamps with ribbon borders or intricate designs that are usually custom-made. This type of stamp can be used for all sorts of things. You can use it to stamp designs on your wedding invitations. You can decorate your notebooks or stationery with it. And since art stamps can be custom-made, you can even give it as a gift to someone who loves arts and crafts.

2. Signature stamps

A signature stamp comes in handy when you have to sign a ton of paperwork but don't want to do it all by hand. With a signature stamp, you can easily put your signature, full name, initials, or a combination of these on dozens of pages. If you work in a profession that requires you to sign a lot of things, a signature stamp can give your writing hand a much-needed break.

3. Date stamps

Similar to signature stamps, a date stamp eliminates the need for you to write the date down over and over again. This is especially useful for law offices and medical practices.

4. Message stamps

You can get all sorts of message stamps that are available on the market or get yours custom-made. Message stamps are those with the words 'VOID' 'APPROVED', or 'DENIED,' among many other words or phrases, which are useful for office and administrative work.

If you the stamp you're looking for isn't pre-made, you can order custom stamps with whatever word or phrase you want. Moreover, you can choose the font style, font size, justification, and boldness of your stamp when customizing it.

5. Notary stamps

As the name suggests, notary stamps are used for official notary purposes. They only come in black ink, and you must provide a copy of your notary public commission certificate to prove that you've become a notary public in your state.

Types of stamp materials:

There are three main types of stamp materials you can choose from, and these include:

1. Pre-inked

A pre-inked stamp has the ink cartridge and stamp combined to eliminate the need to re-ink using a rubber pad. With a pre-inked stamp, you must remember to always use the right type of ink, as using the wrong ones can dry out the stamp.

2. Rubber

Rubber stamps should have contact with a rubber ink pad one to two times after you use it. They are traditional types of stamps and usually make a lot of noise when stamping.

3. Self-inking

A self-inking stamp is a stamp and ink pad fused into one. That said, the stamp gets inked every time you use it as the rubber hits the stamp pad.

These are the stamp types that you can use for your business. If you want to browse stamp designs, browse the websites of top suppliers and get a peek at their awesome selection.

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