12 Things that Make Your Home Look Like It’s Asking for a Burglary

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Many homeowners don’t realize that they are unintentionally inviting burglars to their homes. Simply leaving the outdoor light off or keeping a spare key outside can make your home look like a shiny prize to potential criminals. So to keep your property and family safe from criminal acts, here are the things that can attract burglars to your home and how you can avoid them:

1. Dark exteriors

A house with dark exteriors, even when people are at home, gives criminals confidence to creep around your property using the darkness to keep themselves hidden. To deter criminals from going anywhere near your property, ensure that your exteriors are well-illuminated with outdoor lights and motion-detecting lights, especially when leaving the house unattended at night.

For extra protection, you can also install fire-rated spotlights in case of a fire.

2. Flashy items

Sure, you might want to keep the sports car in the driveway for your neighbors to see, but you know who else can see it? Criminals are lurking nearby. Avoid keeping flashy items where everyone can see it, including showy vehicles and expensive lawn ornaments. Remember that in the mind of a criminal, they want to target someone who looks rich, and having flashy items strewn about your property can make you that target.

3. Open curtains

Make it a point to close your curtains at night or whenever you will be out of the house. You don’t want anyone peeking into your home and essentially ‘window shopping’ your belongings.

4. Newspapers and mail

A pile of newspapers and mail on your doorstep is a clear sign that nobody is home. This makes your house a target for criminals who are looking for an easy job. Avoid your newspapers and mail from piling up by asking a neighbor or a loved one to stop by your home to pick them up while you are on vacation.

5. Spare key

Criminals can sniff out your spare key and with enough determination, can break into your home using the key they found in your ‘clever’ hiding spot. Instead of hiding your spare key on the property, leave it with a trusted neighbor or a friend who lives nearby.

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6. Climbing aids

Having climbing aids near your house or around your fences can make it easier for a criminal to gain access to your property. Examples of climbing aids include ladders, trash bins, dumpsters, planters, and other items that burglars can step on.

7. Lack of security

Blatantly displayed security measures deter criminals. Hence, the lack of security cameras, floodlights, heavy-duty locks, and other security measures can make an attractive target for lurking criminals.

8. Open or unlocked garage door

The garage can serve as an entry point to your house for a burglar. All they need is an opportunity to break into it. Thus, leaving your garage door open or unlocked is like asking to be robbed, so keep your garage door closed whenever you leave the house. When going on vacation, disable the automatic opener on your garage door, and lock it with a manual lock as an extra precaution.

9. Overgrown greenery

Overgrown grass and untrimmed plants are apparent signs that you are not at home, making your property hot under the eyes of criminals. When leaving for an extended period, hire someone to take care of your lawn while you are away.

10. Tall hedges

Having tall hedges can give you privacy, but it can also serve as hiding spots for burglars. Instead of high hedges, install fences that allow you to see through.

11. Garage opener in car

Never leave your garage opener remote control in your car. A thief can easily break into your car and gain access to your house via the garage.

12. Unlocked outdoor buildings

Unlocked sheds can let burglars get the tools they need to break into your home, such as ladders, hammers, and wire cutters. Even if they don’t break into your home, they can steal the items you have in your outbuildings, which can add up to a pretty expensive number.

Keep your home secure by avoiding these things that can make your property attractive to criminals. Aside from that, install adequate security measures that can further deter criminals from your property, such as security cameras, alarm systems, and proper outdoor lighting.

What other security measures do you have in place for your house? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

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