5 Outdoor Features Worth Having (That Can Actually Increase Your Home Value)

Outdoor Features Worth Having

Many practical homeowners are skeptical about adding outdoor features to their home; their practicality sees these optional outdoor home add-ons as mere costs. However, there are a few home improvements that won’t only improve the home’s curb appeal and market value but are also useful and enjoyable.  So, if you’re looking for practical outdoor features that you and your family can enjoy, and can boost your home’s value, then here are a few outdoor improvements that are worth considering:

Outdoor Kitchens

Installing an outdoor kitchen won’t only improve your home’s value and curb appeal, but it makes your home a lot safer, help you save on energy usage. Many house fires start in the kitchen and having your stoves, ovens, and other heat-generating kitchen appliances can isolate any kitchen fires away from your home, and make them easier to control and manage. Additionally, the heat generated from kitchen appliances contribute to ambient heat in the room, which makes your air conditioning system work harder to keep the room temperature cool, so having an open-air outdoor kitchen can help you reduce energy consumption.


A patio is a great addition to every homeowner that wants to extend their living space outdoors. Patios can either be attached or detached from your house, allowing for more options in placing them. A patio’s a good place for your family and friends to hang out in or dine, and it makes your backyard less empty. It can also help attract potential buyers and make your home easier to sell, should you decide to do so in the future. However, a patio may not be a practical option if your property’s terrain is uneven, as the patio floor is directly paved on the ground, and leveling it can be more costly than it’s worth.


Similar to patios, decks can extend your home’s living space. Unlike patios, decks are elevated and are attached to (or extends from) the house. While patios are often cheaper than decks, decks are regarded to have higher resale value. Additionally, due to decks being elevated, it can be installed on uneven terrain and is perfect for areas that are prone to rain and flooding as compared to patios that are directly on the ground level.

Backyard Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard may be the most expensive among the outdoor improvement options, and may not be fit for all areas. But houses with a swimming pool in Utah and other areas that experience really hot summers are quite attractive to potential buyers. That said, you may want to check with real estate agents in your area first if your house’s value and marketability can benefit from having a backyard pool. Regardless, a swimming pool can still be an enjoyable add-on to your backyard and is something that your family and friends can appreciate.

Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

For homes in colder climates, an outdoor fire pit or fireplace can be a cozy place for friends and family to lounge in and can provide your home a more rustic and cozy feel. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace can make your home a lot easier to sell — in fact, a 2017 survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects shows a high consumer demand (71.51%) for homes that have these features.


These are only a few of the many outdoor home features that are practical in the sense that they’re useful and can increase your home’s value altogether. However, it’s important to note that the demand for features differ in certain areas, so it’s best to consult with a real estate agent first if you’re looking to add an outdoor feature that you and your home’s market value can benefit from.

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