A Quick Glance at Common Furnace Issues

maintenance man repairing the furnace

It’s no surprise that in Utah, a furnace’s condition is the least of most people’s worries. Why would it be? When a snowy day can be as warm as 63.4°F, there’s no need to worry about keeping the chill out of your home. Chances are, it won’t be cold enough for you to care.

However, the climate can be a difficult thing to judge. Last February, the onset of a sudden snowstorm led to the statewide cancellation of classes. Heavy snowfall caused many accidents to happen, and driveways were buried under several feet of snow.

In cases like this, it’s best to take your furnace’s condition seriously. A furnace repair company in Salt Lake City might be able to patch it up, but not if they can’t get to your home. Take no chances and watch out for your furnace’s condition.


Some of the more common issues are easy to spot. An inconsistent thermostat will display the incorrect temperature. A dirty filter will be covered in dust. These issues are easy to see and straightforward to fix.

However, some problems are far more delicate and require much more care. Faulty ignition might be a sign of worn down parts, but it can also be improper airflow clogging up the pipes. In cases like these, meddling with the wrong thing can be disastrous, especially to the uninformed.

Worse still are problems like gas leak and electricity issues. These can cause actual harm and are significant safety risks. The presence of a gas leak can lead to suffocation, and mechanical problems can be a legitimate fire hazard. Both can be very dangerous to your home and your health.


Some of the more common problems can be fixed by doing simple maintenance work. Changing the batteries and replacing the filters are quite simple. Pretty much anyone can do them as long as they’re knowledgeable.

The more complicated problems require calling a professional. While it might seem like a waste, there are plenty of risks when dealing with a furnace. Accidents are possible, especially if one is untrained. Avoid injury and call a repairer if you’re unsure.


maintenance man checking the meters

Preventing problems is much better than fixing them, and a lot of common furnace issues can be stopped by having good habits. Clean your furnace and its filters, and do routine maintenance work when possible. It doesn’t have to be very thorough. Minor checkups are enough to add years to its service life.

Having regular inspections is very important. A good furnace doesn’t break down overnight. Usually, wear-and-tear can cause it to malfunction. Having a repairman do routine checkups on your furnace will help you spot and replace any damaged part before it can cause trouble.

Overall, it might seem like a lot of fuss, but it is worth the trouble. During cold days, you will thank yourself for having the foresight and patience to make sure that your fireplace is working.

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