Are braces in Windsor the solution to your smile?

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Straining out your oral health

Today, more than ever, we are all attempting to live our best lives and be as healthy as we can be. One aspect of our health which often sadly gets overlooked by a number of us is our dental and oral wellbeing. Whilst eating properly and regularly exercising are beneficial to our health, regularly brushing and flossing our teeth are of equal importance.

Those who have teeth which are visibly crooked or misplaced put themselves at a far higher risk of developing gum problems such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. This is because the uneven spaces within their teeth are perfect for plaque and tartar to form as they are difficult to remove when brushing. If left, this plaque can spread and become an infection, which can lead to a number of health issues arising. Therefore, anyone who has crooked and badly aligned teeth ought to seek out braces if they are looking to preserve their oral wellbeing, minimize their chance of getting gum disease and straighten out their smile.

What types of braces are available?

Today, there are several orthodontic options for those who are looking to correct poorly aligned teeth. These range from traditional, fused braces, to removable discreet aligners, and are entirely dependent on the needs of the patient. Traditional metal braces operate by bonding brackets to each individual tooth, which are then connected with a metallic wire. This wire applies force to each tooth simultaneously, and eventually pulls them together until the patient’s jaw is straight and their teeth are aligned.


This method of dental alignment is one of the most tried-and-tested ways to effectively and swiftly align a patient’s smile and has been used for so many years because of its proven success in creating strigher smiles. One of the only drawbacks of these forms of braces is that they are clearly visible from the outside. This has made an increasing amount of people – especially teenagers or young adults – seek out more cosmetic alternatives, such as removable orthadontic appliances.

What are removable orthodontic appliances?

Removable orthodontic appliances are somewhat of a new and revolutionary method of correcting badly aligned teeth in such a way that nothing needs be attached to the patient’s teeth. Rather than connect each tooth together through brackets and a connective wire, these removable appliances are made up solely of a uniquely moulded dental retainer. Each of these retainers is moulded from the shape of each patient’s teeth, and when placed over their teeth it uses pressure-points within the interior of it to push the desired teeth slowly but surely until it is in its proper space.

One of the main appeals to these removable appliances is – as the name suggests – the retainer can be periodically removed whenever the patient wishes. Another appeal, which makes it a ‘cosmetic’ alternative to traditional braces is that, as every retainer is completely unique and made to fit perfectly on each patient teeth and is constructed from a transparent orthodontic plastic, it is almost impossible to notice when a patient is wearing his or her retainer – which allows them the ability to undergo orthodontic realignment discreetly.

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