Unsure if dental whitening is for you? A guide to Enlighten Whitening

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Everybody wants a smile that is white, straight and healthy. As more and more people are turning to their dental teams to undertake treatments to achieve the Hollywood smile, there has been an obvious upsurge in people seeking tooth whitening treatments.

In the past, many dental patients worried about having their teeth whitened in the dental chair; harsh bleaches and chemicals could often cause discomfort to the surrounding gum line and could heighten sensitivity in the teeth. While a whiter smile was always the optimum cosmetic result, these side effects were rarely worth it!

In modern dentistry, there is now a range of treatments available to whiten your smile without the use of harsh bleach or extensive cleaning in the dental chair. One of the most popular ways to get a whiter smile involves the use of Enlighten Whitening; a simple process that your dentist in Sheffield will use to whiten your smile without the discomfort.

Unsure if Enlighten Whitening is for you? Read on for a brief guide to this treatment.

What is Enlighten Whitening treatment?

Known as a combination process, Enlighten Whitening involves a 2-week period of at-home whitening combined with your dentist near Sheffield cleaning your teeth during two 40 minute sessions. Using custom-fitted trays and gentle, oxidising gels, Enlighten Whitening can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades, leaving you with a smile you will want to show off everywhere!

What are the advantages of this process?

As your dentist from Sheffield will inform you, there are many benefits to Enlighten Whitening over traditional whitening techniques. Known as the most successful whitening brand in the world, this system also works quickly and does not damage the enamel of your teeth. Sensitive too, the oxidising gels do not cause discomfort when applied and actually lift stubborn stains from the teeth without increasing sensitivity.

Is it uncomfortable?

In a word, no. While undertaking treatment with Enlighten Whitening, the gels provided by your dental team should not cause discomfort when you wear them in the custom-fitted trays, nor should the cleaning process that your dental team will perform cause any pain.

If you notice any increased sensitivity to your teeth and gums while using Enlighten Whitening, talk to your dental team immediately to discuss an alternative whitening system, such as air polishing or the fitting of veneers.

How long does it take?

dentistAs mentioned earlier, the entire process of whitening with this system takes 14 days and once completed, your dental team will provide you with top-up gels, to whiten your teeth at home when your teeth begin to look yellow or stained. Brilliant!

How long do the results last?

One of the benefits of the Enlighten Whitening system is that the results can last for many years, providing you with a longer-lasting, whiter smile. Perfect! However, if you consume large quantities of red wine, regularly drink strong coffee or you smoke, the longevity of this treatment may be shortened and the results may vary in their efficacy.

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