At Home Together: How to Share the Bed with Your Partner

Man snoring and woman covering her ears while sleeping

Couples in love sleep beside each other. But what if your partner is snoring or sleepwalking? Not everyone is compatible with sleeping together. But as a couple, you make it work through agreements and compromises. It also helps a lot if you’re using a bamboo sheet because it’s super comfortable.

Using it can promote better sleep. Here are some ways to share the bed with your partner the right way.

Sleeping with Your Partner

Sleeping with your partner is supposed to be relaxing because you’re with someone you love. But it becomes problematic when they are snoring. The first thing to do is to rule out other health problems. Discover the root of the snoring. Consult a doctor and look for options to stop it.

Some doctors advise patients to use a nasal spray, humidifier, sleeping on their side, and elevating the bed head. Remember to consult a doctor before doing anything to make sure there are no underlying conditions.

On the other hand, some couples fight for the sheets. You’d fight over your bamboo sheet because using this kind of sheet creates levels of comfortability. You’ll love using this for its luxurious feel. It’s better if you have individual layers of this kind.

Another problem that couples face is the way they like the temperature of the room. One partner might choose colder while the other wants warmer. You can compromise by having a partner who likes the warmer temperature to wear something thick to combat the cold when the AC is on.

Differences in Sleeping Preference

It’s good if you’re both morning persons or night owls. But what if you’re also on the opposing sides when it comes to this? The morning person chooses to sleep early to wake up early, while the night owl likes to take their time before they sleep.

They read a book or check their smartphones that it becomes bothersome for the other person. The night owl should just do the reading and other activities outside the room to respect the morning person.

Sometimes it’s not your partner that’s the problem, but your kids who want to share the bed with you.

Sure, you love your kids. But there are times when you need to spend time alone as a couple. It’s also a problem if the children will stay up all night, which is problematic for the partner who is working the next day. It’s time to set some rules.

It’s okay to let them sleep once in a while, like during weekends, but they should know the ground rules. There are also instances when someone sleepwalks, or one partner makes frequent visits to the bathroom all night.

Common courtesy dictates that you do this as quietly as possible or use separate beds if the other partner has a hard time sleeping. Aside from that, doing “your thing” outside the bedroom is better.

Making Compromises

couple sleeping

Sleeping positions can also affect the quality of sleep for each partner. There’s a partner who likes to position their whole body beyond their half of the bed. You should talk about this because both of you need a good night’s sleep.

Respect is important in a relationship, so you can make it work by having respect for each other and coming up with a solution. Lastly, choose which side each partner would take. People have their preferences in sleeping. Compromise about this as soon as you plan to stay under one roof.

Sharing the bed with someone is sometimes challenging. As a couple, it’s important to compromise. You should respect each other’s preferences and sleeping habits while also making your voice be heard. Talk about it so both of you enjoy sleeping, and no one feels ignored.

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