How to Attain a Proper Posture With Yoga

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With remote work becoming a norm, many employees enjoy the benefits of staying at home and the flexibility that comes with it. Even children in many countries study from home these days. As the pandemic is coming to an end, there’s a rise in the use of technology and automation in almost every aspect of life.

There’s no doubt it makes things easier. People don’t have to exert much effort to fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities. As relaxing as this may sound, it comes with its own set of problems. Lack of physical activity results in muscle strains that can have long-term effects, including poor posture.

Although poor posture is not life-threatening, it pays to be aware of the consequences. For example, you should inquire about tried-and-tested treatments for neck pain if the soreness is unbearable. Otherwise, there are tons of posture-correcting tools out there that you can try. Since the root cause is sitting at a desk all day, exercise can be the best solution.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) won’t solve the problem here. Although it is excellent for the overall functionality of muscles and weight loss, it can’t correct posture. The exercise beneficial for this case is yoga. Yoga is based on stretching, breathing, and losing tension all over the body, making it the ultimate savior for people with incorrect posture.

How Does Yoga Help?

You must understand that posture is not only about appearance. There are multiple health risks associated with bad posture. They include digestive problems, inefficient blood circulation, and poor alignment of the vertebral column. That’s why you must try yoga.

Yoga targets the spine with corrective posture poses that help you sit and stand properly. There are different categories of yoga poses. One of them is called heart openers dedicated to reversing the hunch back. It decreases the tendency to slouch, thus catalyzing the healing process.

The solution is not in a single pose but a strategic combination of “asanas” that your trainer prescribes you. As you practice these step-by-step procedures, your body begins to adjust to the naturally straight shape. This is how yoga fixes your posture.

Yoga Poses to Correct Posture

Here is a three-step yoga pose combination that you can do every day to fix your posture.

  • Vrikshasana

This pose replicates the shape of a tree that stands straight day and night. Begin by putting one of your feet on the other thigh, forming a triangle with your leg. Place it firmly, so it doesn’t slip. Then slowly raise both your hands and join them above your head. Make sure they are straight.

Try to stretch your body in an upward direction. Don’t try too hard, as it may overstretch the muscles. Feel the tension in your body as you do this. Maintain the position for ten seconds and then release. Repeat the process eight to ten times in the beginning and increase the frequency as you go.

  • Downward-facing Dog

Begin by sitting on your knees comfortably. Then bend forward, keeping both your palms on the ground. Make sure your fingers have distance between them. Now tuck your toes and begin lifting yourself in the upward direction. Engage your core by sucking in your stomach.

The goal here is to raise your hips as high as you can. Feel the stretch as you do so. Drop your head down slowly and allow it to be relaxed. All the tension must be in your spine and stomach. Stay in this pose as long as you can and keep breathing in and out.

Then, bring your feet down, suck your navel in and stretch your spine. Maintain this posture for some time while breathing. Your arms are pressing on the floor, and your whole body feels the stretch. Repeat this process and then release slowly.

  • Bhujangasana

Lie on the floor with your chest facing downwards. Allow yourself to be comfortable in this position. Then, place your palms in front of your head. Straighten up your toes and lift yourself up. Inhale while you do so. Look up and keep your elbows straight. Stay in the position for a few seconds, then come down while exhaling.

Now, place your palms on the respective sides of your chest and repeat the entire process. Inhale and rise. Exhale and come down. Then, place your palms on the respective side of your waist, and rise again. Hold the position and then come down. Repeat this process as you bring your hands beside the chest and then in front of your head. Remember to keep your feet together throughout the process.

Final Thoughts

The three poses, if done regularly, can improve your posture. The changes will be visible after continuous practice. The most important thing here is that you’re doing this for health benefits. Appearance is a perk. If you practice yoga regularly, you will feel better and light throughout the day. Yoga is all about being in the present moment.

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