FAQs about invisible aligners answered


Want to have a straighter smile as an adult? Ever heard of invisible aligners?

Here, common FAQs about invisible aligners are answered, helping to decide if they are the best treatment option for you.

How long does the process take?

This will depend on the severity of the misalignment that is being treated and whether you stick to the treatment regime.

On average, treatments with Invisalign Wimbledon take around 3-6 months to correct a misalignment. But remember, for this treatment to be effective you need to wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day, or as your dentist prescribes. Failure to do so may result in your teeth reverting to their former positions, or a significant delay in the treatment timeline.

What precautions are needed to wear this aligner?

It is important when wearing invisible aligners that you always clean your teeth after you have finished eating and before you put the aligners back in. That way, you can prevent plaque and sugars from being pressed against your teeth and gums by the aligners.

While there are no strict rules about what you can and can’t eat while using invisible aligners, many dentists will advise against drinking excessive amounts of alcohol while wearing these appliances. This is due to the damage that alcohol can cause to your gums and inner cheeks, causing them to become more porous and thus leading to gum disease and gum recession. For the same reason, many dentists will advise against smoking while wearing an orthodontic device.


Can it treat an overbite?

In most cases, yes it can!

Remember, when looking online for a clear or invisible aligner, you may come across adverts for aligners that can be sent out to you in the mail, thus bypassing the need for a dental assessment. But, these clinical checks are needed, as your overbite or other misalignment(s) may be too serious or complex for an invisible aligner to treat.

So be sure to see a qualified dental practitioner about which orthodontic appliance would be right for you.

Is this treatment effective?

If used correctly, invisible aligners are extremely effective at correcting orthodontic issues.

As long as you wear the aligners correctly, and ensure that they have been fitted by a qualified dentist, they are extremely quick at correcting misalignments and can get you that gorgeous smile that you have always wanted in less than a year. Perfect!

Are they more expensive than regular braces?

Many adult orthodontic patients are surprised to learn that when it comes to invisible aligners, they are usually more affordable than standard metal braces.

Why? Because fitted braces require an orthodontist to tighten them and to oversee their progress, thus meaning more trips to and from dental surgeries. With invisible aligners, fewer appointments are needed and you can send images to your dentist via an app, helping to track your progress. You also have to factor in the length of time that a standard brace is worn for versus an invisible aligner which, once again, is often shorter allowing for a lower overall price.

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