Can You Protect Your Skin Against Dark Spots


Darks spots on the skin, especially on the face, happens when your skin produces more melanin than average. Although it shouldn’t cause anyone concern, people choose to hide them for cosmetic purposes. But why does it happen?

There are several reasons people develop dark spots on their face. But one of the most common ones usually happens when a person’s skin gets exposed to the sun’s rays.

Preventing dark spots on the skin

Although dark posts or also known as hyperpigmentation doesn’t harm your health, there are ways to help get rid of it. One way to do it is by protecting your skin from it.

Since hyperpigmentation commonly happens when exposed to the sun, using sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or even higher can add the right level of protection to your skin. Even more, it also shields it from hyperpigmentation, which causes your skin to become darker.

Another way to protect your skin is by avoiding picking at it. You can prevent hyperpigmentation from occurring if you avoid picking at acne. Avoiding picking at scabs, as well as other itchy spots can help, too.

Treatment options for hyperpigmentation

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Aside from using Jane Iredale mineral makeup to mask your skin’s imperfections, some various serums as well as creams can help brighten your skin over time.

One of the most popular choice for lightening skin is by using skin products that have hydroquinone. While most experts believe that this product is safe for use in most cosmetic products, the 2% limitation set by the FDA sets control to its otherwise adverse effects on the skin.

Countries such as South Africa deemed products containing it as illegal. Canada even classified it as harmful, too. That’s why most experts suggest people use it on a short-term basis only. If ever you start experiencing irritation, then it’s best to stop using it right away.

Another option is products that contain retinoid solutions. That’s because it contains retinoic acid as well as hydroxy acid that helps boost exfoliation. Even more, it also helps your body generate healthier-looking skin.

However, using products that contain retinoid excessively can dry out your skin. Thus, resulting in more sensitive skin. So, it’s best to wear sunscreen while using these products.

Treating hyperpigmentation at home

The good news is that there are other procedures that you can do to protect your skin even while you’re at home. You can use aloe vera to help lighten up the hyperpigmentation on your skin. Aloesin, a compound abundant in aloe vera, helps stop the melanin production on your body.

You can also use licorice extracts to help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Products containing licorice extracts are available in any drug stores as well as online shops.

Hyperpigmentation can happen to anyone for various reasons. Although it is harmless, there are several ways to help ease its appearance. If you notice any other symptoms aside from the presence of dark spots, then it’s best to see your doctor immediately.

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