Crafting Hacks that You Should Know

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Crafting sure is fun, but it can quickly get old if you do the same thing over and over again. If you are an artist and you love crafting, then learning new tricks and hacks is your ultimate guilty pleasure. Today, we will discuss a couple of helpful and creative crafting hacks that you should apply when working with liquid glue and other crafting materials.

  1. Use a binder for your yarn. Clip a wire to the edge of your glass jar to keep your thread intact. It should not go all over the place. Do this before you even start knitting so that you can efficiently work with the yarn all the way through.
  2. Use your sandpaper as a sharpener. If you find your crafting scissors to be too dull, then go ahead and use a piece of sandpaper to sharpen them and bring them back to life. Rub your scissors against the sandpaper a couple of times until the blades seem to be sharp again.
  3. Find another use for the lint roller.  If you have a lint roller lying around and you always seem to have a hard time removing that pesky glitter, then go ahead and use the lint rollers.
  4. Use a box for doing your paint projects. If you have a small and limited space at home and you need to finish your spray painting project, then just use a cardboard box to protect your walls and furniture from spray paint. Simply place the item inside the box and spray the paint!
  5. Put the glue in a glass. If you need to use your glue for your project a couple of times and you want to keep it upside down near the opening, then store it in a glass in the meantime.
  6. Make cutting tape easier. Wipe your scissors with a little bit of oil or baby wipes before cutting duct tape. Make sure that the tape will not stick to your scissors every time.
  7. Put the glue sticks in the freezer. Put them in your freezer before using them so that they will not string as much when you use them.
  8. Use ice cube trays as storage. If you have small crafting items, such as beads and little ornaments, then make use of your ice cube trays.
  9. Take advantage of those old cardboard pieces. If you do not know how and where to store your small fabrics, then cut up little pieces of cardboard and use them to wrap your art materials. Store them in a drawer so that you can quickly pick them out when needed.
  10. Put a cork on those knitting needles.  If you constantly stab yourself with your knitting needles when they are not in use, then make sure to put wine corks on each side. This way, you will easily avoid accidents!

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In the end, you should follow these hacks and never fail at crafting again! If you feel unsure, you can seek the help of professionals. Good luck and enjoy your art projects!

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