Cultivating a Great Parent-teacher Relationship

Parent-Teacher meeting

As parents, it is our duty to reach out to our kids’ teachers in school and cultivate a great working relationship with them. We have to work with them to develop our kids’ academic, mental, emotional, and social skills. They are the ones who will spend the most time with our kids outside our homes. They will be their second parents. They will be their role models.

While teachers can get tips for lesson plans and worksheets from web pages such as, you can also check out some journals and books to understand what kind of curriculum your child is following in school. Doing so will help you prepare your kid for classes. They will be more prepared to listen to the teachers and follow their instructions. This is one of the best things that you can do to help the teachers connect with your kid better.

Attend Open Houses and Briefings

Teachers tend to be most interested in families who take the effort to get to know their children’s school, classmates, and instructors. There are many opportunities for you to get to know how your child is doing academically. You can attend open houses, deliberations, and briefings. These are also great chances to talk to your child’s instructors and ask them about how your child is faring in school.

Introduce Yourself and Your Child

If your child is transferring to a new school, connect with the teachers before the school year starts. A simple email won’t hurt. You can introduce yourself and your kid. Make sure to point out your kid’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also talk about other concerns and issues your kid might have in the classroom. The teachers will appreciate your email. It will make it easier for them to deal with your kid.

Go to the Parent-teacher Conference

This is a scheduled activity where you will talk about your kid’s school activities and development. Before the meeting, list down the topics that you want to talk about. Remember not to overstay your assigned schedule. Other parents want to talk to the teachers, too. They need their assigned time to go on as scheduled. Share the list of topics that you want to talk about with the teachers so that they are aware of your concerns.

Communicate Regularly

Make it a point to drop by at your child’s school occasionally. A simple hi or hello to the teachers will make a huge difference in the relationship. Be sure to compliment the teachers in their lessons and activities. Thank the teachers for being concerned about your child’s well-being. Keeping the communication lines open will also allow the teacher to reach out when your child is struggling.

Prepare Your Child for School

Mother teaching her daughter

Preparing your child for school is one of the best ways to help the teachers. Don’t let your kid go to school unprepared for the lessons and activities. Make sure that they have done their homework and projects. Make sure that they have read the lessons beforehand.

It pays off to have a good working relationship with the teachers. If a time comes that your child is having problems at school, this is where this relationship will matter most. Knowing that the teachers care about the welfare of your child is a great start to help your kid find their footing.

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