Future-ready: A Digital Marketing Guide to Share With Your Child

Is your kid showing promising talent with content creation? With the advent of TikTok videos, youngsters are becoming more creative and passionate about creating content. As a parent, you might be rolling your eyes every time they lock their doors, hit the ring light on, and start recording. You try to be supportive, but you might think they are simply bored or getting on with the trend. However, did you know that what they are doing is already a core skill needed in digital marketing? 

If you think your kid is more than just a TikTok enthusiast, here are the following reasons they might have a future in the digital marketing industry.

An Underrated Demand for Marketers

It suggests companies are passing down advertising strategies and work to digital marketing professionals; after all, the goal of each e-commerce business is to boost their online presence and be on Google’s page 1 of results. Studying for an industry that is growing by the year never hurts.  

If you remember the spike of white-collared jobs in the country, that is a similar case. The only difference is that digital marketing solutions will only continue to grow. It only means that students can get better-paying jobs with even more security with jobs related to digital marketing.

Terrific Prospects

As aforementioned, digital advertising abilities will undoubtedly keep seeing a boost in popularity. There are several reasons why digital marketing abilities will keep being in demand. Today, more and more firms understand exactly how beneficial the net and digital platforms are. Digital advertising lets them get to a bigger audience, range their business even more, and produce more earnings. 

A few of the tasks a digital marketing expert does to provide such results are establishing a service online, running an advertising campaign, and establishing content strategies. But without trained digital advertising experts, they can not do the following and scale their companies.

A Successful Startup

Digital marketing experts have enough expertise in multiple online tools and systems. They can start websites, develop items, and also sell them to the targeted market. 

If your kid studies these marketing skills extensively, they can establish an e-commerce business on their own if they desire. Or, they can even end up being a digital advertising and marketing consultant, and begin a freelancing service of their own. 

In the e-commerce industry, they can sell any products or services, from self-care products like makeup to home upgrades like modern window roller blinds. The sky is the limit in this industry, especially if you have knowledge of how it works. For people who want to be business owners, learning digital marketing processes is crucial. 

In the long run, your kid will certainly be able to minimize the prices of their company’s upkeep, target the best target demographic audience, and measure their progression better with the help of proper tools.

Jumpstart Their Career Early

If your kid wants to end up being an architect, he must have a degree in engineering. If he wants to become a seaman, he will also need extensive training and navigation licenses. 

However, if they wish to master digital marketing, they only need a creative mind and a technical understanding. The prior is more of a natural gift, and the latter is learned. Even if you are an artistic person with a talent for graphics, you can find yourself working closely with highly paid web developers in designing the user interface (UI) that will be a hit. See, the opportunities in digital marketing are endless. 

Plus, the digital marketing sector is friendly and also packed with amazing people. After all, marketing is all about building connections and finding the right contacts. Digital marketing is both creative skills, technical understanding, and the confidence to deal with people.


Creating content for digital marketing purposes is writing for both the actual readers and the Google AI. It is striking a balance between your thoughts, how your target market will receive it, and how Google will score it.

Digital advertising and marketing require a unique combination of both creative thinking and technical knowledge. Your youngsters belong in a generation that understands how the internet works and continues to develop. If they are starting on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it does not necessarily mean that they are doing pretty much nothing but self-expression. Over time and with proper support, your kid might excel in content creation and the digital marketing sector someday.

Professions and careers in the digital marketing industry are not yet discussed often and are usually overshadowed by household profession names. However, it is more than just hard-selling. It is everything that makes this consumer-driven world function.


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