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When you first decide to consider lip fillers Harley Street you may dive into investigation mode and carry out as much research online as possible. From a general search you may stumble across the bad press surrounding dermal fillers, however, do not let this put you off. When seeking dermal fillers within a highly reputable establishment you can rest assured that you are receiving a safe and effective treatment.

Unlike many dermal fillers sold online, when visiting a trained practice the injectable dermal fillers used have undergone many safety checks and contain substances that mimic hyaluronic acid which is produced naturally by your body. This substance, both natural and synthetic, provides the body with an elasticity and plumper look enabling you to fill out parts of your body effectively.

The need to know

Fillers come in a variety of materials and whilst in the modern cosmetic world, many try to steer towards hyaluronic acid, there are many which still use collagen which is a less popular method due to being more effective only on the milder skin imperfections. Therefore ensure that you discuss and understand the options before undergoing any procedure, after all, you want to be comfortable and happy with the process and end result.

Lasting up to around 6 months, it is important to understand that in order to keep on top of your plumper appearance, you will need to revisit the dental clinic on a regular basis. One of the benefits of this is that you can learn each time you visit and adjust your pout by adding or reducing the volume of your pout along with reshaping the smile through targeting areas. Discovering how you want your smile in a gradual progress rather than having a permanent fixed solution that you are unhappy with.

The advantages of deciding on a filler?

When you choose the popular hyaluronic acid fillers, you will soon discover that there are numerous benefits that come from picking this type of filler. This can range from minimal bruising and swelling surrounding the area after treatment to building up over time on the shape of your lips. These small, minimally invasive injections enable you to quickly bounce back to your regular life with a healthy and natural-looking smile. No need for weeks to lay up in bed or shutting yourself away from the world to recover. The needles used are extremely delicate and therefore it is highly unlikely that much discomfort during or after the procedure should occur.

On top of all this, using a material that the body already produces reduces the risk of an allergic reaction, unlike animal-based products which have been commonly used in the past.

Making the choice

lip filler

Once you have decided to brighten up your smile with a dermal filler and have carried out the research, the next step is to discuss this with your chosen provider. By taking this final step you are ensuring that you have all the up-to-date knowledge on the topic and are receiving the best care so there is nothing to lose.

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