Does Your Family Needs Therapy? Signs to Watch Out For


Most of the time, families try to solve long-standing issues, ongoing crises, and interpersonal challenges within their four walls. For some, healing as a family works without much outside help. But for others, going to family therapy is a necessary step.

Here are the signs you and your family will benefit from going to therapy together:

1. Trauma

Just like couples counseling in South Jordan, for example, family therapy helps deal with traumatic experiences, such as death, divorce, and abuse. If your family has gone through a trauma and is finding it hard to cope, a family therapist can help process the pain and healing in a healthier way.

2. Excessive emotional reactions

It’s normal to have a certain level of emotional reaction to something, especially if it’s particularly stressful. However, when family members start to react in extreme ways to express their anger, sadness, and other emotions, it’s a sign that there is something wrong and you need a family therapist to diagnose the problem.

3. Less family time

Do family members eat meals separately? Do they tend to isolate themselves instead of spending quality time with other members? Are they spending more time with friends outside of the house? Constant lack of time spent as a family (and the continuous effort to avoid family time) is a strong sign of relationship breakdown, which warrants a visit to a family therapist.

4. Communication problems

Most family problems stem from communication issues. Sometimes, what one family member says may be misinterpreted by the other, which opens up a whole new door of issues. Other times, there may not be enough communication at all, which can have just as negative impacts on a family’s relationship.

Signs of communication problems in the family can include constant “silent treatments”, misinterpretation, secrecy, and failure to listen properly, among many others.

5. Constant arguing

Related to poor communication is constant arguing. If family members tend to have heated arguments–sometimes even about the simplest things–it’s a clear sign that your family needs an intervention before the arguing spirals out of control.

6. Behavioral changes

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Has your usually talkative child been very silent recently? Does your sibling not engage in hobbies that he or she used to enjoy? How about mom and dad? Have they been exhibiting unusual attitudes these days?

Regardless of which family member it is, it’s crucial to address behavioral changes to determine where they are coming from. It could be that the issues within the family are affecting them enough to cause changes in their behavior, which can affect other factors in their life, such as work, school, and friendships.

7. Secluded family member

If there is a family member that has become detached, both emotionally and socially, family therapy is one of the best ways to reconnect with them. Common signs of detachment include not attending family activities, not showing as much affection as they used to, and spending more time alone.

If only one or two family members are showing these signs, family therapy can help you resolve issues and develop healthier relationships as a unit or team.

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