Effective Security: Making the Most Out of Your Metal Fencing

Despite their appearance, even the most basic fence is still an effective crime deterrent and security measure. But remember: you get what you pay for, and a “basic” fence can only give you ‘basic’ security. In fact, a poorly constructed can actually make your property a target for criminals.

Shoddily-constructed or poorly-designed fences can make breaking-and-entering easier, which is why homeowners and commercial properties need to make sure that they’re making the best out of their fencing by creating a fence that fulfills three, basic security measures:

  • A fence should not provide a hiding place.
  • A fence should not be easy to climb over.
  • A fence should completely enclose a property.

By fulfilling these criteria, homeowners and commercial property owners can rest assured that their aluminum fences are doing their job and keeping the bad guys away. Here’s why those security measures are important:

Fencing Shouldn’t Provide Hiding Places

While a tall, solid gate provides properties with privacy, it also provides would-be burglars with a hiding place. In general, a fence should be see-through; this helps you or your security team to monitor the perimeter and spot anyone suspicious.

By taking away hiding places, burglars will have a harder time scaling the fence, not to mention making it easier to spot their accomplices like get-away drivers or lookouts. In fact, a see-through fence might just be enough to deter any would-be thieves from even attempting a break-in.

Fencing Should Not Be Easy to Climb Over

In general, “hard to climb over” means getting a fence that’s at least 8 feet tall; this provides enough of a vertical barrier for most people to struggle with. But perhaps even more effective than having a tall barrier is installing anti-climbing measures all over your gates and fences.

While barbed wire and razor tape are fairly effective at keeping people away, they can be ugly to look at. To get around this, some people plant trellises with thorny vines. Not only does it make your fence more aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides an extra level of security from would-be burglars by making your fence that much more un-scalable.

Just make sure your trellis isn’t too leafy that it obscures your view of the outside.

attempted robbery

Fencing Should Completely Enclose a Property

If a fence or gate can be bypassed, it’s practically useless. To get around this, always make sure that your fencing has no obvious holes or gaps. But beyond the perimeter, also make sure that your gate is secured to the ground with concrete.

Some burglars might attempt digging underneath your fence, so make sure that your fence goes underground by at least a few feet. Gates should also be secured and free of gaps, and always locked to ensure that it can’t be opened easily.

Choose materials that are lightweight, but solid, for your fence and gate so that burglars will have a harder time going through it.

With some common sense and awareness of security measures, even the most basic fence can slow down burglars, and can even deter them completely.

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