Filipinos Have Endless Opportunities Thanks to Technology


For a determined and hardworking Filipino citizen, there’s no shortage of opportunities. Whether you want to travel, work, or start your own business, technology is there to guide you. Even better, you can do what you want with your time, earn money or a degree, and still travel.

Think this is too good to be true? Consider how Filipino citizens are already doing the following:

Studying Online

Some universities already have an online portal where they offer courses and degrees for those who cannot go to class. Online education in the Philippines can only improve from here, as some colleges also offer internationally recognized courses for anyone to take.

These can be completed in the student’s own time, and they can proceed to the next trimester as soon as they have taken all exams and completed all requirements. This removes the barrier that previously stopped working individuals from pursuing a degree. Now, anyone can work or travel without setting aside their love for education. Successfully completing a degree can only open more opportunities for you in the future.

Working in their Own Time

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The Philippines is prone to storms and typhoons because of our location. For contractual workers, every missed pay due to severe weather conditions may be unpaid if they are not declared holidays or if you have not earned your vacation leaves yet. This is not a problem if you’re working from home, just like many other freelancers in the country.

They have the flexibility to work in their own time, and they also control how much they earn in this setup. There are plenty of portals where you can find job opportunities, all of which require a decent internet connection and a reliable computer setup. Take a laptop with you and you can do your job anywhere.

Traveling for a Living

Millennials love traveling. In the Philippines, this doesn’t mean using up all your vacation days and missing work. In fact, you don’t even have to work in a company while traveling. If you love blogging about your adventures or you have a huge social media following, traveling itself can be your career. There’s also another course you can take: traveling while working online. As at-home jobs simply require that you’re online for a predetermined schedule, you can easily do it while you’re traveling to your dream destinations.

Starting a Business Online

Filipinos are no strangers to online businesses. An entrepreneur might consider selling products in an e-commerce shop. Products range from clothes to perfumes, from beauty products to limited edition apparel. This works for stay-at-home parents who don’t want to waste their time while children as asleep or at school. By starting an online business, they don’t have to pay expensive rent for a shop or office. This means they spend less on operation costs, so they take home most of their earnings.

Wondering how some of your peers are able to fit so many things into their schedule? They’ve learned how to balance work and play, and so can you.

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