Reasons Group Meditation Classes Are Better Than Meditating Alone


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re spending a great deal of our time in loneliness and isolation without realizing it. Sure, we have read plenty of studies about the benefits of being alone, but sometimes, solitude can take a toll on our mental health.

Mental health concerns have gone worse over the years. Patients suffer from a range of symptoms, such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, mood changes, and depression. To experience relief, many are resorting to mental health first aid, stress management, meditation techniques, and chronic pain and back pain relief.

For those who have tried meditation classes for the first time, many have complained that they find it difficult to focus and experience relaxation because of certain distractions and a poor environment to meditate. This is where meditation classes come in to help people focus on their goals, intention, and practice. With that in mind, here are the reasons you should consider joining group meditation classes.

Expert guidance of experienced educators

For those who never attended a meditation class before, many would wonder what they will expect from it and what makes it different from meditation at home.

The most common type of meditation involves doing meditative activities by yourself using an application or a guided video or audio. You have to set up an environment conducive to meditating and make sure it’s quiet and relaxing enough so you can easily focus and enter a state of calmness.

With meditation classes, you have access to an experienced mentor who can offer reassurance, answer questions, and provide tips on how to integrate mindfulness and meditation into everyday life. The best part is that you don’t have to prepare your meditation area to aid your relaxation. A meditation class takes place in a calm and peaceful environment that is free from distractions and unnecessary sounds that can affect your concentration. The instructors also use helpful tools, such as scented candles, diffusers, a meditation instrument, and carefully selected background music. Put them all together, and you have a calming space that actively brings relaxation.

Shared experiences

You have probably heard the phrase that there’s ‘strength in numbers.’ These words remind us that sometimes a group of people has more influence or power than one person. This also applies when it comes to meditating.

Ever feel the fun and buzz when taking a group workout class compared to working out alone? The same feeling happens when meditating with groups of people in a class. A group meditation further amplifies the experience and brings a certain kind of Zen-like energy into the space. This proves that an environment of belonging and acceptance creates a perfect space where like-minded participants experience an enriching journey.

According to Yoga International, a group of researchers conducted an experiment where they recorded the electroencephalogram (EEG) results of the participants during a meditation class. The study discovered that the brainwaves of all participants synchronized while meditating. A 1988 study also received the same results after seeing a ripple effect of peace in a town where a test group meditates together regularly. They also discovered the crime rate decreased dramatically in the same town.

Structured format

Many of us have probably tried meditation at home, but most of our efforts end up in vain because we keep getting interrupted. Screaming kids, a phone ringing, and the sounds coming from the kitchen, TV, and washing machine are one of the many distractions at home.

Meditation classes follow a structured format; participants are away from different distractions from the outside world and leave you in a state of peace as you focus your attention on the instructor’s voice, the sound of your breath, and the soothing music. As a result, the exercise prevents you from leaving halfway through regardless of how you’re desperate to walk out or how occupied your mind gets.

The ambiance and the structured form of meditation classes enable participants to focus better and develop a routine out of it, regardless of how difficult it seems.

Enriching connections


As we grow older, our social circle becomes smaller. Thus, it’s not surprising why older people tend to be selective when choosing the people they surround themselves with. Joining a meditation class regularly increases an individual’s sense of connection and community by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. You establish a real connection with other participants by tapping into the same source of peace and silence at the same time.

Meditation classes are also a great way to build new friendships and meet people in your area. You’ll never know if they also share other commonalities aside from meditation.

Joining group meditation classes is a fun and healthy way to get fit, socialize, and learn new skills good for your body, mind, and spirit. In the end, nothing can ever compare to the power of physical connection and the benefit it brings.

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