Should You Have a House Built for You Dogs?

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Many people are no strangers when it comes to taking care of pets. Back then, much of the population only kept animals for food and other byproducts that support daily life. But it is hypothesized that around 32,000 years ago, people started keeping animals as pets.

Today, various types of animals are kept as companions worldwide. Around 70% of households in the United States kept at least one type of pet back in 2020. This embodies how people are welcome to the thought of providing care for an animal.

It’s not hard to comprehend why people want to take care of animals. Owning pets has serious benefits for a person’s overall well-being. For one, they help with emotional health because they help fight feelings of loneliness. Also, these pets were observed to help relieve high blood pressure.

Dogs: America’s Favorite Pet

As mentioned, people have so many options when choosing their perfect pet. But in the United States, one pet is noticeably favored over others: dogs. There were over 63 million households that had at least a single dog under their care in 2019.

Having dogs is undeniably fun. They are some of the cutest creatures that humans could ever interact with. While it is fulfilling to have them around, they may need heavy maintenance. This is true for almost every domesticated animal, which is why almost every aspiring pet owner should be willing to take on the responsibility of owning a pet.

The Dog House: A Need For Your Beloved Dogs?

Of course, much like humans, dogs need shelter and security. A lot of dogs dwell inside the house with their owners. This is the ideal living situation for every dog and should be the basic standard for keeping them.

However, some situations may require owners to place their dogs outside for a short while. For instance, some dogs become too rowdy and break things when kept indoors unattended. Also, many dogs behave poorly when their owners have visitors over.

These situations make it favorable for dogs to be kept outside the house. Keeping them outside during these times may help avoid harming the dogs and the people inside the house. With that, it may be a smart decision to have a dog house built for them.

The Perfect Dog House

Dog houses are essentially small structures that provide shelter to dogs. Homeowners often love to create nice dog houses for their beloved pets. Some even use shiplap boards to make them look aesthetically pleasing.

These dog houses are often placed outside homes. People often keep these dog houses in their backyards. Having these houses is necessary when one has a dog that needs outside time.

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Providing Shelter

As mentioned, these dog houses should provide shelter to the dog. This means they should effectively protect the dog that gets to use them. For this reason, many people prefer strong materials such as certain metals and fiberglass to ensure that the dogs are well-protected.

When keeping dogs outside, the weather is the number one enemy. Varying weather conditions can make it hard for dogs to be kept outside, even for just a short while. For this reason, dog owners should ensure that their dog houses can protect their pets from all types of weather. There must always be an area for the dogs to stay dry if it rains.

Taking Temperature Into Account

Also, temperatures can fluctuate outside. Every dog house should ensure that the dogs are comfortable during hot and cold temperatures. This means having areas with good ventilation and insulation.

Some dog owners even invest in a small HVAC system for these dog houses. These dedicated HVAC systems can help control temperatures inside the dog house. This essentially lets pets relax inside a dog house that suits their temperature needs.

Ensuring Adequate Space

Every dog house should have adequate space for the dogs. Many big dogs are often kept outside because it is the only area that can accommodate their size. Having enough space essentially helps dogs stay comfortable while they are outside.

To Leash or To Unleash?

Dog owners might feel confused about what to do with the leash situation. They are already kept inside a house, after all. Is a leash still necessary?

This would ultimately depend on the presence of a human companion. If dogs are left outdoors unleashed, there is a chance that they might wander around the neighborhood. They can easily bother neighbors and pedestrians.

Of course, something much worse can spring from unleashing dogs. They might get into an accident or may bite someone. They can even go missing if they wander too far.

These bad situations can easily be the result of not having them leashed. If humans are present, then there is less need for a leash. They won’t also need a leash if the area they are being kept in is fenced.

Dogs are social creatures that love interacting with their caregivers. For this reason, dog owners should keep their pets indoors with them as much as possible. But if situations arise that warrants them being outside, then a dog house is not such a bad idea.

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