How to Dress to Beat the Arizona Heat

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Arizona is one of the hottest states in the U.S., especially around June and July . And though that might sound like good news to those who like to dress less, not all types of “summer clothing” is made to beat the heat, unfortunately. Style and comfort can just be difficult to combine sometimes.

But with some fashion tips to guide you, you can walk the hot streets of the state without looking like a sweaty mess. And you don’t have to compromise your style, either, because popular clothing boutiques around Phoenix have the most stylish and lightweight pieces that’ll make way for the breeze.

That said, here’s how ladies and gents should dress to beat the heat in Arizona:

Fashion Tips For Women

When you hear hot weather, the first thing that may come to your mind is your crop top. You may wear those, but not if they’re skin-tight. Any clothing that clings to your skin only makes you produce more sweat, so you’d feel sticky and uncomfortable all over, ruining your pleasant mood. Opt for loose clothing, such as flowy maxi dresses and thin tees. If you’re going to the office, consider loose blouses and tapered pants. For your undergarments, stay away from your padded bras and go for bralettes, instead.

Structured clothing, or those with seams or embroidery, are also great to the sport. They allow your body to breathe and don’t stick to your skin when your sweat starts to drip. They look elegant as well!

If you can’t resist wearing tight clothing, layer it with open-weave knits to let some cool breeze into your body. But avoid accessorizing with heavy materials like large beads and metals. They may weigh down your clothing, making them stick to your skin and trapping your body heat, resulting in discomfort and sweating.

If you need to wear a jacket or blazer because your school or office is just too cold, select unlined ones so that even if you don’t take them off outside, you won’t be bathing in your sweat.

As for your bags, stick to handbags or cross-bodies. Tote bags and backpacks stuck to your body would make you sweat more, so always pack light so you won’t need them!

Fashion Tips For Men

Like women, men should also avoid skintight clothing to stay cool. Skip the skinny jeans in favor of slim or regular cut. If you’re on the bigger side, relaxed or loose jeans would suit you best.

Always wear moisture-wicking fabrics like lightweight cotton and linen. Avoid synthetic fabrics because those are water-repellent, meaning your sweat would only build up and make you feel unbearably hot. Silk should also go; it retains heat and degrades with sunlight and sweat.

Don’t be intimidated by your long sleeves. In fact, the more skin you cover, the more protected you are from the heat. (This applies to women as well) Your sleeves protect you from the harmful UV rays, so roll down your sleeves when you walk outside during the peak hours of the sunlight.

Unlined jackets and blazers will also be your best bud. Wear those if you need to cover up and stay warm in air-conditioned areas.

Other Cooling Hacks

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To make sure that you’re always staying cool, know what the fabrics to avoid, which are polyester, rayon, and denim. There are other more stylish jeans that aren’t denim, like chambray, linen, and cotton. Stick to those fabrics as much as possible to avoid excessive sweating and feeling hotter.

If you’re walking outdoors during the peak of the day, wear straw hats to protect your head while still allowing air in. You may also want to bring a handkerchief with you every day just to have something to wipe your sweat with.

With these tips in mind, make your visit to Arizona a cool and comfortable one. Without the heat bothering you, your mood will always be bright and pleasant, making way for great experiences.

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