Key Pointers to Ponder Before Buying Home Furniture and Fixtures

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For many people, choosing furniture is the most exciting part of buying a new home or having it remodeled. With many design pegs and tips all over the internet, we can gain a clearer vision of what we want our homes to look like. It makes designing more fun, inspiring, and easier. But the glamour of Pinterest boards may deviate us to one important thing to consider while hunting for aesthetic furniture and fixture: functionality.

Often, functionality isn’t tied to aesthetics, which makes choosing furniture a little tricky. For example, multifunctional furniture such as a sleeper sofa benefits small spaces, but you can’t get your mind off to the cute single bed you found at the same store. In that scenario, are you going to choose your own tastes over practicality and functionality or the opposite?

That said, here are the key pointers to ponder before buying furnishings to avoid such predicaments:

Buying Living Room Furnishing

Furnishing a living room isn’t as simple as choosing the best-looking sofa, center table, and consoles. You need to consider the entire space — the walls, floors, dimensions, and color.

First off, the color of the walls and flooring should complement each other. That way, you’d have a better idea on the color palette that you should follow. White walls and wood flooring, for example, match beautifully with gray sofas and area rugs.

If you’re in need of storage, make sure to buy shelving units, or have one affixed to the wall. Depending on the scale of your space, one might be better than the other. If you choose a built-in storage unit, have it crafted artfully for aesthetics to be exhibited.

Think about the furniture height as well; you don’t want a ridiculously tall floor lamp in your low-ceiling living room. Get the accurate measurements of your space so you won’t end up with awkward-sized furniture.

Buying Dining and Kitchen Furniture

Dining rooms pretty much serve as a multifunctional space, so the chairs need to be lovely and comfortable. Make sure the sizes won’t cramp the area, and the colors would blend well with the kitchen’s color palette. A pop of contrasting shades will be good in a predominantly white kitchen as long as not overdone; otherwise, it’ll look obnoxious.

Buying Bedroom Furnishing

bedroom interior

Make comfort a priority when buying a new bed. A supportive mattress that won’t retain heat is essential for a good night’s sleep. If your quest for a high-quality bed is held back by a limited budget, mattress stores in Salt Lake City offer affordable options, but no less stellar.

The bed should also be the bedroom’s focal point, so find one in a style you like best, while still considering how it would fit the space, of course. If you have a small bedroom, simpler styles are recommended to avoid a cluttered look. Bunk beds and pullouts are also good for tiny bedrooms that’ll be used by more than one persons. If your bedroom is larger, then you can go for multiple beds in bulkier styles.

Buying Light Fixtures

Similar to furniture, the size of light fixtures are also important. Make sure chandeliers will be proportional to the space, not too big and not too small that they’re barely noticeable. Don’t go overboard with the design as well; extremely bright lights wash out the colors and strain the eyes. To tone down the brightness, choose models with shades or opt for warm-colored bulbs. It will emit a softer and more romantic look.

Don’t abandon the idea of energy efficiency as well. Choose energy-efficient bulbs that can be dimmed so that aside from lowering energy costs, you also control the amount of light bathing a room.

Most importantly, when buying lights and furniture, always consult an interior designer. Their approval will be necessary for you to determine if you’re buying the right stuff. They can also give you an expert tip or two.

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