Important Milestones in the Preschool Years

Parents get all excited with their children’s firsts. This is especially true during the first two years of a child’s life. Who would forget that first smile? Or a child’s first independent steps?

Parents are very watchful with all their child’s milestones. The excitement sometimes wanes during the preschool years and beyond. This time in a child’s life is still rich with so many milestones. Here are a few of them.

The First Visit of the Tooth Fairy

Having a tooth fall off for the first time is a big milestone for preschoolers. An accommodating dentist for children here in Utah is helpful to prepare for this. Visits with this health professional make losing the first tooth a more pleasant time, helping your child understand that it is a normal part of growing up. They can even earn a little extra thanks to the tooth fairy.

The First Successful Swing Ride on Their Own

Parents take pleasure in spending quality time with their children. This is no different when in the playground. But sometimes, hearing pleas of “Again, again!” as you push them on the swing for the umpteenth time can be tiring.

Seeing them push themselves on the swing on their own is a moment of pride. It is a signal of their independence as they master the use of the swings. Also, it is a sign of courage to be able to trust themselves to fly in the air alone while shouting “Look, I did it!”


The First Independent Dress Up

Anyone who has an infant or a toddler knows that dressing them up is a long and laborious ceremony. Before you can finally put on a decent shirt on them, there will be running around and pleas to move faster. It’s a big moment then when you see them put on their shirt and zip their pants or sweater on their own. Putting on their socks –correctly–  is another matter.

Aside from their new-found independence, you will see their tastes develop as they choose their wardrobe. Guide them and be patient if they are taking longer to choose and dress up.

The First Enjoyable Restaurant Experience

The first few years of a toddler’s life are when many parents prefer to stay at home. A restaurant outing consists of harried meals so that moms and dads can take care of their child’s needs, not to mention all the excitement going to and fro of small feet or the unexpected meltdowns and wails. This is not a question of proper upbringing: Toddlers are wired this way.

But, one day during their preschool years, all these will be a memory. You will see your child transform into a social being able to hold themselves well. They can eat and enjoy their meals and the whole experience of being in a restaurant, too.

The First Home Alone Venture

Are you a parent tired of going everywhere with a child attached to the hip? Their total dependence on you can sometimes be exhausting. But, there will come a time when you can do a quick run in the local grocery store. You will have peace of mind even with your child home alone. On top of that, they are not in danger in any way, but are enjoying this alone time, too. Probably, browsing through the cartoon channels.

Children are hard work. But, they are also a constant source of pride and wonder when they learn something new.

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