Why Do Reunions Trigger Our Anxiety?

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If you are excited about high school reunions, you may be one of those very few people who really do. A lot of us are anxious about the prospect of meeting the jocks, bullies, nerds, and clowns again. If you were an average kid who managed to survive high school, reunions might not be your most favorite event in the world. And that’s okay. Reunions are supposed to be anxiety-inducing. That feeling is normal.

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Reunions Trigger Insecurities from the Past

In many ways, reunions are a trigger of the insecurities you had in the past. Remember that even the most popular kid in your class still battled with insecurities and anxieties. Years later, an invitation for a high school reunion will trigger these feelings. It will feel like you are trying to gain your peer’s acceptance once again. You want to be popular. You want to be the talk of the town.

What will they think? How will everyone look like? You expect the popular kids to still be pretty and cool. You expect the nerds to still have braces on their teeth and large thick eyeglasses. These stereotypes still exist today. And depending on what stereotype you fell under when you were in high school, you’re bound to worry about how others will see you.

The reality is that people will look a lot different. Your head cheerleader? She may still be beautiful and popular. But she may also have a husband and a kid. Maybe she has gained a little weight, and that’s okay. She isn’t obsessed with it. You are. She may now be down-to-earth. You may be surprised that everything was only a façade back in high school.

You Can Make a Difference

group of friends walkingThe ball is in your hands. If you continue to see yourself competing with your classmates, then your anxieties will worsen. If you believe that everyone else is going to be judgmental, then why are you going in the first place? What good would being judged do to you?

Admit to yourself that you also don’t know. You’re not sure if your old classmates are still the same. You see them on Facebook. You like each other’s photos. You leave comments on each other’s achievements and milestones. But you haven’t really talked for a long time. As a result, you still think of them as the people back in high school. They still look and feel the same inside your head.

They could have changed. They could now be different people than they were two decades ago. It is possible, and you have it in your power to come to terms with that. That image you hold in your head may not be true anymore. You may be falsely getting anxious about something that no longer exists.

Reach out to your classmates and friends before the reunion. Figure out what’s in their heads. They may be feeling the same things. You can laugh about your anxieties and insecurities. You can even get a facial together so that you’ll come prepared for the big reunion.

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