#LoveYourBoss: Show Appreciation to Your Boss with These Thoughtful Ideas

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When you’re working for any company, you’re expected to foster a healthy, friendly and professional relationship with your boss. This person can spell the difference between an exciting and a dreadful working day. On top of that, your supervisor holds the key to your career advancement within the company.

One of the ways to improve your relationship with your boss is to show how much you appreciate him/her. If you’re looking for ways to give your heartfelt appreciation to your supervisor, take note of these suggestions:

Say ‘Thank You’

This one is basic: When a person does something for you, express your gratitude by saying thank you. While these two words may look and sound simple, they’re an effective way to make anyone feel valued or appreciated in the workplace. Whether you received a commendation or vital feedback regarding your overall performance, always end the conversation with a simple thank you. You have the option to express this verbally, in an email or in a public forum to show other people how important your supervisor is in your working life.

Consider Giving a Gift

If you’ve been working for the same boss for several years, you could go above and beyond by giving a gift. Choose a present that suits his/her interests. If your boss is a wine connoisseur, for instance, send a bottle of champagne, red wine or white wine to his residence.

Another considerate gesture is to give gift certificates in place of an actual present. This is ideal if you’re not sure what your boss specifically likes or are not comfortable with buying a particular item.

Throw a Party

If your boss has a special event coming up, such as his/her 20th work anniversary, think about planning about a small but meaningful party. If possible, hold a surprise event to make the guest of honour feel more valued.

Come Up with a LinkedIn Recommendation for Your Boss

Let your supervisor’s professional network know just how good he/she is by writing a recommendation on LinkedIn. Compose a short paragraph that objectively showcases the person’s skills and talents as a leader. Then, post what you wrote at your boss’ LinkedIn page.

Group of employeesSupport Your Supervisor’s Interests Outside the Workplace

Your boss, just like everyone else in the workplace, has a life outside the office. Take this time to ask about his/her passions, interests and hobbies outside work. If your supervisor loves to read books, for instance, show your appreciation by organising a book club with your co-workers.

Be Willing to Lend a Helping Hand

Bosses sometimes have a lot of work on their plate. Besides taking care of the tasks for the regular business day, they have to take care of unforeseen events like sudden deadline changes and employees calling in sick. If you see your boss swamped, volunteer your time to help him/her reach company or department goals.

These are just a few ideas on expressing your gratitude to what your boss is doing for you and your colleagues. When showing any kind of appreciation to your supervisor, always be sincere and intentional. After all, your boss serves as your all-in-one mentor, cheerleader, and go-to person.

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