Making the Most of the Time Given to Us by the Coronavirus Pandemic Quarantine

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The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has practically put the entire world on lockdown.

Businesses have ceased operations, except for those offering essential goods and services like banks, pharmacies, hospitals, and supermarkets. Pretty much everything else has been suspended temporarily.

We’re talking about dine-in restaurants (they only offer food-to-go), malls, retail shops, factories and plants, service centers, sporting events, and almost everything that makes a society normal.

People have been asked to stay at home on self-quarantine status. If you ever decide to go out on an errand, social distancing is to be strictly observed along with personal hygiene and sanitation in public.

Some companies have started rolling out work-from-home programs and are already making arrangements with their employees on how to still be productive amid the present conditions. Folks who have been doing remote work for quinoopte some time just carry on, business as usual.

Others who are not as fortunate are stuck at home left with the uncertainty of how they will feed their families and pay for the bills while all of this is going on. At this point, time will tell how long this is going to last.

Blessings in Disguise?

Despite the threat that this virus has brought upon us, we believe that there is always a silver lining to every cloud. Certain blessings in disguise came as a result of this temporary global lockdown.

For instance, ever since folks started to stay at home and all travel and transportation bans have been implemented, the Earth is slowly healing itself. In just a couple of weeks, the air quality has already improved a lot.

People in crowded metropolitan areas have reported a noticeable increase of birds in their places, especially upon waking up. Italy’s canals have become clearer, so clear in fact that dolphins have started appearing in them.

While nature mending and healing itself is enough to cause for gratefulness, another thing that this season brings to us is time.

The Gift of Time

While we are all indoors and at home for the next few weeks, time is what we have plenty of. We need to reboot our mindsets and think of this as an unexpected gift.

Time to spend with our loved ones

A lot of us have been preoccupied with work and other important things that we didn’t have enough time to be with our loved ones. Being in quarantine allows us to spend more time with our families — our spouses, our children, our parents.

Time to plan

This time of social isolation has given us plenty of opportunities to evaluate our lives and start planning for our future. You can now start budgeting for your plans of purchasing one of those new build homes in St. George, Utah. You can take this time to start sorting out your expenses and how to manage your finances better.

Time to nurture yourself

This quarantine is giving you a much-needed timeout from the toxicities of your daily grind. Read books that refresh your mind and spirit. Exercise and workout. Research online about healthier diet plans you can start taking. Take this time to take care of yourself — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Time to reflect

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There’s no better time than now to ponder about life and the future. Take a moment to check yourself and reflect on how you’re doing and what you, as an individual, have contributed to society. Realign your moral compass and revisit old values. We all need to be better versions of ourselves in light of everything that’s happening today.

There is always a greater purpose for everything. Nothing ever happens by accident. We just need to adjust the lens in which we view life and the world. A little tweaking of the mindset can get you farther in life. After all, we only have one to live. Let’s live it purposefully.

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