Making Your Marriage for Keeps

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It is natural for married couples to have misunderstandings. It is through these issues that growth sometimes takes place. But sometimes, disputes can take a toll on a marriage. They can drive couples apart so much that they opt for divorce. How can couples prevent this scenario? What things can help preserve a healthy relationship?

Do Not Hesitate to Get Professional Help

When you see patterns of misunderstandings in your marriage, do not be ashamed to ask for help. Marriage therapists can help bring issues into the light. Excellent therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy in Westport, CT. This is a useful tool to assess marriage problems.

Couples can be more aware of their thought patterns and behaviors with this approach. They will have action plans on how to shift these thinking patterns. Positive qualities can also be highlighted. When two people are into an argument too deep, they forget to appreciate all the good things. Lastly, the responsibility is not passed on to somebody else. They will learn how to be accountable for their thoughts and actions.

Remove Deal Breakers from the Mix

Personal arguments are already hard to deal with. It can range from something petty or conflicting beliefs. But when some non-negotiables are present, a marriage can be in real danger. Thus, do not fall prey to extra-marital relationships, any addictions, or excessive anger. Any of these things are hurtful to your partner. Broken trust is hard to regain. As a spouse, it is always your mandate to seek the best for the welfare of your partner.

Add More Positivity

happy coupleSometimes, the antidote to marital problems is a simple dash of more positivity. When you choose to see the good things, the negative can move into the backseat. You can start by thinking about why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place.

When you feel that something is “missing” in your marriage, take a proactive approach. Do not wait for your partner to take the initiative. Need more quality time? Set a time and ask your spouse for a date. Craving for some touches? Go on and have a spontaneous hug and kiss. Listen more with what your spouse has to say. These little things have a positive impact on your marriage.

Look for Examples

When your marriage is experiencing rough times, pick people you can emulate. The most obvious ones are your parents if they are still both alive and together. In their absence, older mentors are also good alternatives. The present generation can learn a thing or two from the older ones.

There was a time when couples stayed strong during small problems and even major issues. There was also a level of contentment in married life that is absent in some marriages at present. This might be because of the comparison that social media brings. Thus, when hard times strike, look at couples who lived out their vows.

Grow as an Individual

Some people experience distress in their marriage because they forget their individuality. Though your marriage is the most important thing now, never stop improving yourself. Have hobbies and a circle of friends who are apart from your spouse. It is not healthy to hinge your whole existence on another person. Also, it is not good to expect them to do the same.

Marriage can be hard work. There will be bumps along the way. But working it out will make your bond stronger.

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