Metal Alternatives for Screening Your Porch

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Almost every homeowner is now looking for space beyond their four walls. There are various indoor storage ideas introduced over the years, but they will do only so much. Moreover, with the world now being a primarily social space, you might not be left with much space after the addition of these storage spaces to your interior. You do not need to contend with your squeezed garage and interior anymore. You can transform your existing porch into an outdoor living space.

But this does not mean taking expensive loans or saving up for ages. Getting one installer for your durable carport in Brisbane and other outdoor living spaces is one tactic for minimising the costs of extending your living space outdoors. Some homeowners would rather handle these constructions and negate the cost of an expert. This mistake is unfortunately costly in the end. You will contend with expensive repairs later and waste your time and materials for structures that do not look like what you have envisioned. Screening your porch is one of the cheapest options for transforming it into a space you can use. Here are the metal types used for screening porches:

Stainless Steel

The popularity of this material is attributed to its high resilience. Stainless steel porch screens cannot be easily damaged by hard impact or weather elements, and they hardly ever warp, break, or dent. They also have high rust and corrosion resistance, making them perfect for marine environments. The screens have an average price and will retain their good shape for ages.


This is a lighter material than stainless steel and is easier to install. Besides, you can bend aluminium porch screens into different designs to suit your porch’s shape and the other design elements that you will use. The screens come in black, charcoal, and silver. Aluminium porch screens are incredibly cheap, but they are not as long-lasting as stainless steel ones.


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This is a soft material that can be easily cut and bent to shape. Unlike aluminium screens, copper porch screens have minimal spring back and will retain their shape. The primary benefit of copper porch screens is their natural colour change over time that boosts their aesthetic appeal. Although costly, copper screens are available in multiple colours to match all exterior décor elements.


This has a pleasing yellowish-gold colour that will match virtually any environment. Brass has high tensile strength, making it a durable choice. But this property also makes brass screens challenging to install. Unfortunately, the colour of these screens changes over time to a somewhat dull one. Therefore, you should invest in the periodic maintenance of the screens to keep them looking exceptional.

The materials mentioned above are available as mesh. By screening the porch, you will also keep out insects and prying eyes from your porch. You can comfortably host people on the porch or bask in the outdoor elements. There are different mesh sizes to meet your needs. Your ideal choice should also take into account the amount of lighting that it will allow to filter into your outdoor space.

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