Moving out Soon? Here’s What You Need to Consider

moving out

When the generation of millennials came of age and began attending college, the recession hit. With it came the new norm of living with parents longer, which meant saving money. Whatever your reasons may be, however, the time to venture out of the nest will definitely come. For many, moving out is where adulthood truly begins. Moving out is such a huge decision that it entails both responsibility and choice—there’s a lot to line up. With that, consider these tips below to aid you in decision making:

Determine what you want and find a place that suits you

Rent will be a huge aspect of your decision, and it’s from here that you decide whether you move or not. Your rent should only be less than 30% of your income. Should you decide to move, finding an apartment on a budget means determining your deal-breakers carefully.

Do you want a space with a patio, or will a tall window do? Do you want it to be smoke- and noise-free? Will your commute time to work be feasible. If you’re looking to live in Los Angeles, consider the traffic. Maybe you want your apartment to come with heating and air conditioning. Salt Lake City, for instance, is known for hot summers, while Virginia is relatively cooler.

Will your current location be enough for you? How do you feel about the possibility of roommates? You will be allocating much of your income to rent, so it’s best that you choose wisely.

Get a job

Although now a degree holder, you still probably feel like you have so much more to learn. You’re right, and there’s no better place to learn faster than the actual workplace. Not only will you learn there, but your job will also help you pay the bills and, in this case, your rent. As a young adult, you will begin your journey through an entry-level position. Unfortunately, such positions will not get you robust paychecks.

But don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and perhaps you could do a side job? If that still won’t cover the rent, perhaps it’s not the best time to move out yet. Remember: stability should be your moving-out decision focal point.

Do you have the necessary skills to survive?

family in their new house

Your life at home with your parents and your dorm life are the comfortable eras. As soon as you move out, reality will come kicking. Are you sure you have what it takes to be self-sufficient?

  • Cooking. You don’t need to be the next MasterChef for this, but you definitely don’t want to be living off takeout for the rest of your life. Cooking actually saves you money. To learn, check out YouTube for recipes that you can try out. Learning to make scrambled eggs on toast is a good start.
  • Basic home maintenance. If you don’t want your house to end up looking like a jungle, it’s best that you learn how to properly clean now. And yes, that includes the toilet.
  • Doing your laundry. As a professional, picking something up from the floor won’t translate to clean and presentable.
  • Grocery shopping. It’s not just choosing stuff to buy; it’s choosing the best and cheapest ones to buy. You definitely need to learn to check for fresh produce.

Moving out for the very first time should involve careful planning, and one that ensures that you’re fully capable of being self-sufficient. While the tips mentioned above are crucial, it’s also just as vital that you plan your decision to move out according to yourself. This is your life, after all, and your budget. Whatever it may be, a well-conceived plan will help you integrate well to the adult world.

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