Preparing for a Nose Job the Right Way


You’ve been contemplating it for quite a while, but now you’re ready – you’ve finally scheduled a rhinoplasty in a Colorado clinic. It can certainly become a rewarding decision, especially if you’re fully prepared for the procedure. A nose job, as it’s more commonly known, can be completed within two hours, even less, but the process requires a bit more in terms of preparations. It should start weeks before the actual surgery to make sure you achieve the best results possible and will be able to recover as quickly as possible. Make sure to discuss everything with your chosen doctor in case of any specific instructions. Here’s what you need to know before the operation:

If You’re a Smoker, It’s Time to Quit

If you’ve been mulling over getting a nose job, now is the right time to quit your smoking habits. The earlier you quit, the better results you’ll have. You’ll lower any risks of infection, and you can also expect the healing process to be a lot smoother for your habit. Some doctors may offer nicotine patches and other alternatives depending on the case.

Make Changes to Your Diet

Your body will undergo some changes, so it’s important to prepare as much as you can weeks before the surgery. You can expect a speedy recovery when you know you’ve tried to stay healthy and make changes to your nutrition regimens prior to the procedure. In addition to quitting smoking, surgeons also recommend avoiding alcohol, aspirin, and other medications that cause blood-thinning. You should also up your iron intake as well as vitamins C and E as these promote healing. Also, prepare some “soft” food products that you can consume post-surgery. Don’t forget to fill your prescriptions for pain meds, sleeping aids, and antibiotics if you need them.

Do Your Medical Testing as Early as You Can

SurgeryAlthough rare, some patients may be advised to do more than one type of testing prior to a rhinoplasty. These may include X-rays, ECGs, and blood work. During your consultation with your surgeon, make sure to discuss any concerns you may have so that all these additional tests can be completed prior to the pre-operative appointment. This will also give your surgeon enough time to go over the test results in full detail. In some cases, surgeons try to get these results from your primary care provider to lessen the inconveniences on your part. It’s important for both parties to make the process as simple and safe as possible.

Fill All Your Prescriptions in Advance

As mentioned earlier, you may have to take a few prescription medications after getting a rhinoplasty. The most common practice is for patients to have four prescriptions a day prior to the surgery. These include an antibiotic, a pain med, an additional two medicines for nausea. When all of these are properly prepared before getting the procedure, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that you’re ready after your surgery. In addition, if you’re not going with a friend or loved one on the day of the surgery, make sure to arrange reliable transportation.

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