Should I get dental implants?

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If you have missing teeth, and are struggling to do things such as eat or talk because of it, dental implants Sydney CBD could be a good option for you. This is when an artificial tooth is inserted into your gum to replace your natural tooth. The implants are very durable, and can last a very long time meaning they can be a very good way to help fill any gaps in your mouth.

When do I need dental implants?

There are a few reasons as to why you may need implants, one being to replace teeth that have fallen out due to breakage or rotting for example. Another reason to get implants is if you have loose dental fittings such as dentures, as this can be uncomfortable. If your tooth is infected and needs to be pulled out, then implants can also replace this. As long as you are in good enough health and still have enough density in your bone structure, you should be eligible for the implants.

How does it work?

Firstly, as with any dental treatment, you will have an appointment with your dentist so you can discuss the process, the risks, the aftercare and more. During this appointment, your dentist will also examine the area to see if implants are right for you, and scans may also be taken to see how much bone density you have.

The surgery itself is done under local anaesthetic, which is really helpful for those people who are more nervous when it comes to getting dental treatments done. You will most likely have 3-5 appointments to fully complete the process. To begin, your dentist will make an opening in the gum and expose the bone, which is where the implant post will be placed. This will be implanted deep in the bone, to make sure that it is durable and to allow more bone to fuse to the post. Once the post is implanted, the site will be closed back up and it will be left to heal for a few months. During this time, the bone will fuse to the implant post, creating a solid structure.

tooth dentist

Once this is healed and the bone and post have been fused, this is when an abutment can be placed, this is the part to which the crown will be attached at the end of the process. This is done by your dentist reopening the section of the gum to expose the implant, and attaching the abutment. The gum will then be closed, but with the abutment poking out ready for your prosthetic to be attached to it. Once that is all done, you are ready to have your crown attached, this is the custom-made tooth that you will have chosen, whether it be removable or fixed.


Implants look just like your natural teeth, meaning that no one will even know that you have them if you don’t want them to! They also act like your natural teeth, meaning all you have to do to take care of them is brush and floss like you normally would! The way the implants behave is also very similar to your natural teeth, meaning they provide strength and function to your bone and other teeth. One of the best benefits of having these artificial teeth, is that with the right care they can last almost a lifetime!

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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