Should You Install a Storm Door?

Storm Door

Most people are often under the impression that their front door is their home’s first line of defense from the elements. While this is true, it is still in anyone’s best interests to take additional measures that their dwelling is well protected. Storm doors are an excellent way to enact these further measures.


Storm doors are not just functional additions, however, as you can beautify your storm doors and choose the type, color, and style that fit your architecture. Otherwise, all storm doors offer a multitude of practical purposes. Here are some of them.

Protection From the Elements

Storm doors shield your entry door from the wear and tear due to exposure to the elements, such as ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun, hail, wind, and heavy rain. Storm doors help preserve the integrity of your entry door and keep the latter from deteriorating early, no matter the season. For example, when winter comes, your primary problem is the exterior temperature being too cold. If your doors are not insulated properly, you might have to deal with the chilly winter drafts that make the indoor climate much less bearable. The opposite is true for summer, on the other hand; you’re keeping out heat instead of cold in that case.

Energy Efficiency

On the issue of keeping out heat (or keeping it in, in the case of winter), storm doors also improve energy efficiency. Storm doors can be fitted with your preferred glass type, whether designer or energy-efficient glass that helps maintain ideal temperatures. A more stable interior temperature ultimately translates to less reliance on artificial heating and cooling, which, in turn, enables you to save on your energy bills.

Physical Barrier

Storm doors, especially those made of steel, offer an additional barrier of protection from intruders, making it a simple way to upgrade and fortify your home security. Though steel security storm doors will not replace a well-insulated and properly installed front door, they are invaluable additions because of the added level of protection. They can be locked, so you’re one entry farther from a potential break-in. The storm doors also act as a deterrent, because criminals will not want to go through the trouble of unlocking two doors, especially if they swing in different directions. This also adds to the longevity of your front door.

In addition, this physical barrier also deters smaller annoyances like insects. On warm days, you want to open the door to let the breeze in. However, there’s the issue of small insects getting into your home. Storm doors eliminate this problem as most storm doors have a removable glass panel that you can swap with a screen. The screen door lets the breeze in without allowing the small insects the same privilege. In an area where insects are a constant problem, storm doors are recommended in all entry doors so you won’t be confined in a cramped space.

Knowing the benefits and basic features of storm doors allows you to utilize them to their full capacity. Storm doors are an excellent investment, but can also be a big disaster when done improperly or haphazardly. For this reason, it’s best to enlist the help of the professionals.

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