Signs That It’s Time to Call Your AC Repair Guy

air conditioner being repaired

Your home’s air conditioning unit is one of its most significant features. It gives families a comforting and relaxing place to come together regardless of outdoor weather conditions. People can also work better and are more productive when they are in a comfortably cool office or classroom. Air conditioners that are used daily and for extended hours need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they run smoothly and continuously. Even in areas with cooler climates like Salt Lake City, Utah, there is still a need for air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Experts say there are noticeable indicators when an air conditioning unit needs service or repair. Although maintenance should be done regularly, paying close attention to these signs will help owners take preventive action and avoid damage to their air conditioning unit.

It Isn’t Cooling as Fast

One primary indicator that your air conditioning unit needs cleaning or servicing is that the air that comes out is no longer as cool as it used to be. This is especially noticeable when you crank the unit up to its highest setting, and despite the mode adjustments, it still emits warm air. This poor performance will affect people who also use the room and cause discomfort. This is one of the common indicators that there is something wrong with the unit and that it needs a professional service technician to check it.

Sometimes this is caused by a faulty fuse or circuit breakers. This issue with the unit should not be ignored otherwise it may cause more damage to your air conditioning unit.

There’s Too Much Drain Water

Another indicator that your air conditioning unit has issues is if there is too much drain water coming out. This can damage and break down the unit if not attended to sooner. This problem may also cause the unit to automatically switch off. These problems need to be checked by a professional to see if some parts need to be repaired or replaced.

air conditioner being installed

It’s Emitting a Strange Noise and Foul Smell

Air conditioning units that are working well hum quietly. So if you start hearing strange noises, this is a clear sign that there’s something wrong inside. This can also come with a foul burning smell, which can contaminate the room. One of the possible causes is that there is something burning inside the unit or the connections. It is best to unplug the unit to prevent bigger problems. If you leave it running overnight, the wires could burn and trigger a fire inside your home.

You’ve Got High Energy Consumption

A spike in your bills is also an indicator that it’s time to check your air conditioning unit. If you’re still using it for the same number of hours in a day and there is no increase in power charges, it means that the house’s cooling system is using more energy than it really needs.

Besides the above mentioned problems, professional service technicians also advise homeowners to check the home’s insulation and see if there are holes where cold air might be leaking.

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