Family Matters: Things to Consider When Starting a Family

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This year is set to be a great year of recovery for the wedding industry. A lot of people are expecting a wedding boom after more than a year of postponements or cancellations in light of the global pandemic. This is more clearly evidenced by the substantial increase in demand for braided diamond engagement bands and even more extravagant wedding rings. Wedding planners, venues, and caterers have also been fully booked for the remaining months of the year.

Necessarily, getting ready for a family is the obvious next step for a lot of these couples. However, starting a family can sometimes be challenging. Nonetheless, it will also prove to be worthwhile should you successfully prepare for it. In order to do this, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to truly be set for family life.

When the Time is Right

Oftentimes, plenty of couples face a lot of pressure to start a family immediately after they’ve been wed. This can also prove to be overwhelming, especially for women who are constantly asked when they plan to have kids with their partners. More than anything, knowing that there isn’t a particularly perfect time to bear children is among the most notable considerations when it comes to planning for a family.

Most people, after they’ve already been wed for a couple of years, will feel the rising need to start a family right away because they’re “running out of time”. Family planning experts know that this isn’t really the case. To support this, you should keep in mind that the average age of first-time mothers in America has gone up from 21 to 28 years old. The average age of first-time fathers, on the other hand, has increased from 27 to 31.

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Ultimately, beginning your family at a relatively “later” part in life — which is around the early 30s — can be more beneficial in the long run. You shouldn’t feel the need to rush when it comes to having kids of your own just to meet the expectations of other people. Here are a couple of things you should consider before entering the next stage of your life with your partner.

Financial Considerations

In a recent survey that was conducted among thousands of women, it was clearly observed that the number one reason why they were putting off having children was primarily because of money. Of the total participants, at least 60% felt that they didn’t have enough money while 51% wanted to earn a higher salary first.

It should come as no surprise that having children isn’t entirely cheap. The average cost for traditional childbirth in the US is around $4,300 and a cesarean birth can cost $5,100, both with insurance. Without insurance, this can easily swell above $10,000. Moreover, the USDA has reported that the average spending of a family can go over $13,000 annually per child along with the additional costs that go beyond their basic needs like schooling.

A Question of Health

Aside from the financial considerations, couples planning to start a family have also grown increasingly aware of the health implications of having children. This is especially important within the context of the global health crisis. There is already a lot of fear and anxiety around having children given the current situation, which significantly impacts the decisions of couples.

Despite the continued vaccination rollout programs across the country, children are still considered to be among the most vulnerable against the present coronavirus. More so, women have mounting fears of possibly transmitting the virus to their fetuses should they get pregnant during this time. All of these can pose immense physical, emotional, and mental burdens for couples looking to start a family.

The Right Path

A lot of couples should also put more focus on their career and life paths as well. Ideally, you should be starting a family only after you have established your professional life. This will make it much easier to address the other struggles that your family might come across in the future, especially in terms of finances.

Know that there are plenty of various avenues you could take when it comes to balancing work and family. To figure this out, you should look for role models that have already gone through what you expect to experience. This can come from family, friends, or even colleagues. It’s important to take note of the ways they’ve successfully integrated their personal and professional lives when it comes to parenthood.

A Family Starts with Two

While all of these may appear daunting, it’s also worth noting that simply having an honest conversation with your partner about starting a family can go a long way. Not to mention having a well-defined partnership at home will make raising a child more manageable for the both of you. Again, starting a family may not be easy but it should prove to be extremely fulfilling and fun as long as you’re properly prepared for it.

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