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If you’ve just started to look into orthodontic care as an adult, you may be surprised by the prices you’re seeing on dental clinics websites. By definition, orthodontic care is a long-term treatment and the visits to your local comic will make up the vast majority of the bill. So, it can be surprising that using an orthodontic technique can be so affordable in adult life. Invisalign cost London can be extremely low, even without financing options, and broken down into monthly installments.

Why does orthodontic treatment cost so much?

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t come cheaply. It’s a mixture of regulatory compliance and the very high standard of training required to become a fully licensed orthodontist that inevitably ends up being passed down to consumers. And although you can get some very high end orthodontic tools like incognito lingual braces which have hand made brackets individually sculpted for each tooth in order to have the lowest possible profile, it is rarely the case that they are cheap.

The value of straight teeth

It’s difficult to put a price on straight teeth. Dentists have tried to be pragmatic about it and discuss the damage that is caused through having misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth can create very substantial costs; it makes brushing and flossing far more challenging, guaranteeing a higher rate of future cavities.

It also presents a very significant risk factor in developing temporomandibular joint disorder, a repetitive strain injury of the jaw joint. It occurs when someone uses their jaw in an asymmetrical fashion to compensate for the underlying misaligned teeth. This occurs without any conscious thought and does not immediately cause a problem but over many years, the strain on the joint causes chronic headaches, fatigue, pain radiating across the mouth with no apparent cause. Left untreated, it can result in the loss of sleep and have very significant impacts on quality of life.

The rise of adult orthodontic patients
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With very significant medical risks along with a genuine desire to reach aesthetic goals, now possible without the use of bulky or inconvenient braces, it is not surprising that adult orthodontist care has become a very significant part of many clinics. It is even growing outside of the traditional dental infrastructure, with at-home aligner kits serviced by manufacturers via the internet becoming commonplace.

Allowing patients to get the treatment may be possible without them even having to register at their local clinic. It has been extremely helpful during the recent disruption and with clear aligners being 3D printed, this has protected them from many of the supply chain issues of other medical equipment.

Breaking up the costs

The cost of orthodontic treatment is significantly lower with most aligners compared to braces for adult patients who are excluded from NHS orthodontic care. But it’s still a substantial one time bill, often straining most people’s personal finances. Thankfully, many clinics and providers will offer financing often at the best available rates compared to personal loan or credit card options.

0% interest free options spread out over a maximum of 36 months are not uncommon and can bring down the monthly bill to less than you might think.

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