Unmasking the Joy Stealers

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Happiness is something that everyone aspires to have. But it becomes hard to attain when some things take over. These things are called joy killers or joy stealers. Most of them live up to their name. They move stealthily and leave their damage. If you feel that happiness is too elusive, you might want to check if any of these joy stealers are present in your life.

The Burning Candle

Exhaustion, burnout, fatigue. Overworking yourself will drain all happiness out of you. But you must also be vigilant. Fatigue can also be one of the thyroid symptoms in Salt Lake City, for instance. It is best to have a consultation at a reputable clinic.

But if your medical tests are all good, chances are that you may be taking in too much. Regain work-life balance. You cannot experience happiness if your mind and body are already on the verge of breaking down.

The Green-eyed Monster

Social media is a way to celebrate one’s happiness. People are fond of posting accomplishments and life goals achieved. But these things could cause the unhappiness of another. Envy and jealousy may creep in. The keys here are gratitude and contentment. Stop focusing on others’ lives and using them as your yardstick. Instead, look at the blessings that you have.

If you think that you want what they have, then stand up and do something about it. Want a lucrative job? Go and enhance your professional skills. Your happiness depends on how much effort you put in.

The Lurking Shadows

Worry and fear kill happiness quickly. How many nights do you spend thinking of so many things? There are many techniques that you can try to manage your worries. When you do, you can redirect your energy to more productive things.

Fear has its positive effects. But when it starts to paralyze your thoughts, it becomes a bad thing. Make sure that your fears are rational. Your life cannot shine with happiness when there are too many shadows of worry and fear.

The Toxic Buddy

Do you have someone in your life that attacks your ideas always? Or have you shared with someone an accomplishment only to have it played down? Even if you have attained happiness, the company you have can destroy it. Thus, be sure to choose your companions wisely. It does not matter if they are family, friends, or colleagues. Disconnect or limit time with people that rub their negativity on you. Also, do some people a big favor by not being this kind of person.

The Lofty Target

It is nice to strive for excellence, but overdoing it will not give you fulfillment. Extreme expectations and ideas of perfection will only make you unsatisfied. Perfection is overrated. When somebody is perfect, there is no more room for growth. It will also be stressful for the people around you if you expect them to be perfect. Instead of targeting perfectionism, acknowledge all the things that you have done well. Be kind to yourself and others by providing a space to breathe.

Happiness is not an automatic thing. One must proactively choose it every time over other things. Beware of joy stealers. Cut them on their roots when you see them growing in your life. Then enjoy when happiness blooms.

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