What are dental implants?

dental implant

Dental implants are another option for the replacement of dentures and missing teeth. The implant itself is placed and attached to the root of the natural tooth. This will support the crowns and bridges. Dental implants act as a replication of the natural tooth and they are made of strong titanium.Titanium is strong and is secure once it is implanted in the jaw and bone and it grows in the intended direction. The implant will effectively connect it to the surrounding bone- this will create a strong base.

What is the procedure of dental implants

The dental procedure consists of approximately 4 steps to be able to achieve the desired look at the dental implants in Stockton. The first step includes the necessity of an initial consultation and X-ray which will determine if an individual is eligible for the process. Oral hygiene will also be examined to be able to figure out the root of any periodontal infections and issues.

Stage 1

At stage one of the dental implant procedure the dental surgeon will first place a metal root into the individual’s jaw. The metal inserted is usually titanium which will eventually connect and bond to the bone of the area. The individual has the choice to wear either temporary dentures or bridges. If it is the case that a tooth has to be removed before an implant treatment, there is the opportunity to extract the tooth and place the implant into the socket in the same consultation. The healing process can range between 3-6 months. However in other cases , a temporary prosthesis may be inserted right away onto the implant.

Stage 2

The dentist will then have to secure an extension on the metal root in order to bring it through the gum. However many patients opt to combine both stages 1 and 2 in the same consultation. This can decrease the amount of time that the implant heals and can possibly take up to 1 month if this is the option done.

Stage 3

The dentist along with the assistance of a dental technician will design a final tooth/bridge and in some cases dentures. The manufactured crown or bridge is binded and can be done either by the use of cement or a screw.

Stage 4

The dentist will then advise the individual to maintain their use of proper brushing and flossing. It is recommended to go to regular dentist check ups which will help identify any underlying oral issues. Not only will it help to go to dental checks up but this will help the individual maintain their dental implants.

After care of dental implants

Once dental implants are secured into an individual’s mouth it is mandatory for a patient to visit the dental clinic yearly or every 2 years. This is to ensure there is maintenance for long term effects of dental implants. These visits will highly consist of stabilizing implants, radiographic checks and professional cleaning of the implanted areas.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have many benefits targeting areas of the face such as improving an individual’s appearance. Dental implants are created in a form that replicates natural teeth, this therefore makes the implants look and also feel like a patients teeth. Since dental implants fuse into the bone of the tooth they become a part of a patient. It permanently effects and eliminates the discomfort of having to regularly remove them.

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