What is Invisalign?


If a patient has an uneven smile, Invisalign Harley Street may be a solution that they want to consider. Many people have a smile that they wish was straighter and clear aligners could be the one to remedy just that. This treatment is often seen as a good alternative to fixed metal wired braces. Also known as “invisible braces”, these braces are clear showing patients that whilst they undergo this treatment they do not have to worry about how their smile looks. These appliances are undetectable and removable whilst still applying a straightening technique to the teeth. This straightening process is popular amongst those who wish to straighten their smile but are worried about how their smile will look during their treatment episode. The science and technology behind this specific help is advanced to the point where some patients experience a reduced treatment time. A dentist will work with each individual smile to determine which teeth straightening treatment could be for them. This article will run through what benefits are offered as well as what patients should do next.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

There are many benefits of Invisalign Harley Street. Patients who have had this treatment in the past have been impressed by the results that have been yielded. The initial preparation process is not messy, there are no impressions and no gagging associated with getting an idea of the shape of the mouth. When wearing the aligners themselves, many patients find them comfortable and are still able to breathe and swallow like normal. The aligners can be worn for a long period of time allowing patients to get the results that they need. The materials used in this process are not unpleasant to taste and there is no smell. The treatment itself is fast and the technology associated with this treatment will allow patients to see the results via a 3D scan immediately. Results are accurate allowing patients to improve their smile exactly the way they want. Those considering this treatment should read on to the next section to see what they should do next.

What should I do next?

If this treatment sounds like something that could fit into a person’s busy schedule they should consider this treatment to straighten their teeth. Patients should look at the website to read more about this treatment as well as being able to look into other treatments that are offered by this practice. Following this, those looking to straighten their smile should then get in contact with the practice to begin their journey to a straighter smile. They will be able to work with their orthodontist to ensure that they get the smile that they want. Their orthodontist will ensure that they understand how to best look after their smile during the treatment as well as after to ensure that their new smile is properly cared for. Everyone deserves a smile that they are proud of and this treatment could be the one to provide that. The practice looks forward to new and old patients taking this treatment on to give them a new smile.

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