When Should You Stagger Your Move?

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Sometimes, the most obvious solution isn’t necessarily the one that best fits the situation. When it comes to moving, there is some exception to long-standing rules, especially about the one that states moving everything at once is the best way to get the move over and done with.

There are some cases where moving everything can be an extremely bad idea. While it may seem like a hassle to wait a couple of days to properly relax about everything is where you want it to be in your new home, holding off on moving everything can allow you to do a number of useful things in your new place that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

It allows you to adjust

One of the things that can often disorient people once the moving is complete is their relation to the new environment. While you may be able to bring your old stuff and more or less decorate the space to your liking, moving will always bring some sort of difficulty when it comes to adjusting to your new surroundings. This can be as little as falling out of bed due to a different orientation or outright changing your habits to comply with your new place.

Holding off on moving everything allows you time to adjust (and if necessary, change something) about your environment before all your stuff arrives. This can be as simple as picking a new wallpaper for your room to fit in with your furniture en-route or have something rewired or fixed in your utility systems.

Check for issues

Speaking of utility systems, holding off on a move can be potentially lifesaving if you aren’t completely sure how your lifestyle will impact your new space. Living there for a couple of days will allow you to test out the utilities and facilities of your new home without putting your stuff at risk.

This is extremely important if you have a setup that requires special adjustments to your utilities—for example, a heavy-duty computer setup for video editing work—and you may not have the time before the move to properly test out voltages and water supplies. Living in the place for a couple of days gives you some assurance that your utilities can handle your lifestyle before completely integrating yourself in your new home.

It just can’t be done in one day

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Finally, one reason you should stagger your move can be because not everything can get shipped at once. This is especially true if you happen to be moving across great distances or have a lot of furniture to bring. Transport can be easier if you stagger the things (and times) that you have to move, and allows you to adjust the space and setup accordingly to accommodate your incoming fixtures.

Fortunately, there are companies that offer both removal and storage services, from Sydney to Gold Coast. These companies can move your furniture and store it securely in case you ever need to stagger a move, making sure your stuff is well-kept and arrives at your new home in one piece.

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