Growing Up: Recognising the Signs of Toxicity and an Abusive Home

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Abusive homes are not a work of fiction or a phenomenon in movies. They’re real, and they could be happening in your very neighbourhood. Worse, it could be happening in your very home with you as one of the victims. Did you know that, once you identify them, you are one step closer to emotional maturity and a real life? Here are the signs of toxic and abusive homes that you have to watch out for.

You Feel Indebted

Ever get the feeling that they don’t ever want you to leave? A toxic home with bullies for family members will always give you reasons to stay, especially when it comes to how much they’ve done for you. Whenever you want to leave, they’ll always make you feel incapable of striking out on your own either because of some deficiency in your health, maturity, intelligence, and adaptability. Don’t buy into it. There are ways to grow up, and it can happen faster when you are out of your home once you come of age. Hire one of the many moving services in Adelaide and go without turning back.

Piranha Mentality

Some bullies and abusive people will have peons to do their work for them. They will also use other people to parrot their language when they aren’t around. This posse of piranhas will do anything to help their big boss take you down because they don’t want the same to happen to them. Be careful whom you talk to at home or at work. Trust only a few people and, if possible, keep your plans outside of the toxic environment.

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It’s Never Their Fault

Abuse isn’t always a large, bear-like monster that beats you and screams at you until you submit. Toxic people have a way of turning the tables against any and all arguments, no matter how one-sided their reasoning is. You might have a genuine grievance with them, such as one time when they embarrassed you or made you feel neglected. Mature, loving, and kind people understand that their actions can be hurtful to others. These are people who will openly acknowledge their bad habits and will strive to be better people around those they’ve hurt. Abusive people don’t believe that they should apologise for the hurt they cause.


One of the worst qualities of abusiveness is that it isn’t consistent. There will be lulls and quiet days. They may ignore you or choose to even interact with you like nothing is wrong. They might even show genuine kindness, care, or feelings of friendship and love. These abusive people are human beings as well, and they can’t maintain a hurtful persona all the time. But that’s not who they want to be for you. They’ll still go back to their indifference, aggression, and abuse.

When you finally recognise the true signs of toxicity in your home or environment, the illusion slowly begins to dissipate. Although it may hurt to say goodbye to people and places that you once loved, it’s not the end for you. You have a life waiting for you outside those walls and friends and acquired family who truly care.

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