Why You Should Consider Rewiring That Old Home

Old House

Electrical problems are responsible for over 6.5 of all fires in residential areas. Most of these fires are attributed to old and overloaded electrical wiring while others happen just because your home doesn’t have the latest electrical safety equipment.

While most businesses will hire an industrial electrician to inspect and upgrade their wiring, very few homeowners feel inclined to rewire their old homes. Here are some of the best reasons that should convince you otherwise.

It Will Make Your Home a Safer Place to Be

Even though the wiring, fuse boxes and other junctions in your home’s wiring are meant to last for decades, they will age and become prone to malfunction as time goes by. With the modern home drawing more power than older houses, thanks to the appliances we use, your already old wiring will be pushed to the limit every time you turn on an appliance.

This could increase the risk of fires or damage your appliances especially if the power outlets are loose and prone to sparking.

Run More Appliances Without Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Older homes designed with fewer electric lights, air conditioning, and electronics pulled less than 150 amps of electricity when everything was running. A typical house as of now draws more than 200 amps when everything is running.

Air conditioners, heaters, cookers, heat styling equipment, and power tools will strain older homes. This could lead in simply annoying tripping of the circuit breaker every now and then or dangerous overheating of the wiring that could lead to catastrophic fires.

Filter Out Power Surges Before They Get to Your Equipment

power surge

Power surges from station fluctuations, lightning or downed lines can trickle into your home damaging modern electric equipment that is vulnerable to power spikes. Most TVs, computers and gaming systems aren’t as tolerant to such surges as their older counterparts.

Your only way to protect them from power surges is by upgrading your wiring to include whole house suppressors that will ensure that all the equipment in your house receives the clean power it expects.

Rewiring Will Make Your Home More Convenient

Old homes were wired with just the entertainment center in mind. There were no smartphones, tablets or personal computers to power at a go. Consequently, the number of power outlets per room was considerably low.

If you find yourself struggling with extension strips to fit in extra electronics or having to hunt far and wide to charge your phone, it is time to rewire your old home to accommodate your new gadget’s desire for mains power.

Rewiring an old house is not only responsible but also a great way to improve the home’s worth. When renovating, you should set aside some amount to cover the complete rewiring. Remember that some of the rewiring might involve ripping some drywall. Looking for professional contractors reduces how intrusive the rewiring will be hence lowering the costs drastically. Modern day home buyers will be looking for convenience when buying. Rewiring is a great way to appeal to such buyers or make your family happier.

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