Wilderness Survival: What You Need to Know

Female camping by herself

The wild outdoors is very relaxing. For many people, it can be a way to escape the city life. But the problem is that the outdoors can also be dangerous. Being so far away from modern comforts and safety nets is not for everyone.

If you plan to go out in the wild, you need to be ready, both in body and mind. Here are some tips that should help.

Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

Whether you are going alone or with a group, always tell someone where you are going. This ensures that there will be people looking for you if you have taken too long. Close friends and family should have an idea of where you went and when you expect to be back. If you go over the deadline, they should call the authorities to check on you. It is good to know that there will be people searching if necessary.

Have The Skills

Out in the wilderness, you need to have some essential skills to survive. The most important one is knowing how to build a fire. Fires are very useful for various reasons. For one, you can easily use one to signal rescuers when necessary. Fire is also necessary if you plan to do any cooking. Having a good hot meal can make the outdoors easier to deal with.

Besides these reasons, a good fire is essential in colder climates. They will help keep you warm and provide illumination when the sun sets. It might surprise you how hard it can be to build a fire properly. Even with tools, an improperly built fire will go out quickly, so you need to learn how to start one properly.

Be Prepared

When going out exploring, you need to have the essential gear. Going into the wilderness without gear will make it very uncomfortable for you. There is no excuse for not packing the right gear when you plan to spend time outdoors. At the very least, you will need a way to start a fire, a way to carry water, a cutting tool, and a way to communicate with the outside world. A tent and a sleeping bag would also not be out of the question. You can even pack more. For fully prepared adventurers, the wilderness can be as comfortable as their own home.

Make a Shelter

Female making fire in camping site

One of the essentials, when you are out in the wild, is to have shelter. The elements are hard on the human body and, without shelter, you can easily get sick. If you have a large piece of cloth and some paracord ropes, you will be able to create a functional shelter to keep the wind and the rain from ruining your day. They can also provide shade if the problem is the punishing sun. A good shelter would have insulation to keep you warm once the night begins so try to find some leaves and moss for some basic bedding.

Whether you are going out in the wilderness on your own or are trapped there, survival should be no worry if you know what to do. Take steps to prepare yourself and you can survive the wild with no trouble. Do your research and have the right tools and you’ll be able to come home safe.

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