4 Heart Attack Symptoms to Watch Out for in Women

woman having chest pain

Heart attacks are increasingly becoming common in the country and all over the world. It is a life-threatening condition that occurs due to a disruption in the flow of blood to the heart. Statistics reveal that men are more likely to survive a first heart attack than women. That is because the signs differ between female and male gender. Also, physicians reveal that most heart attack signs in women are silent. Sometimes women display unusual symptoms of a heart attack. Physicians also note that women have unique risk factors that are not present in men, such as PCOS that increase the chances of a heart attack.

Most people believe that heart attacks happen suddenly. However, studies suggest the signs in women occur for several weeks before a heart attack. Also, the signs sometimes come and go; other times they are constant. They also disrupt sleep patterns. Therefore, women need to know about these symptoms so that they can notice them early enough and visit physicians in Clive, Iowa immediately.

Chest discomfort

Chest pain or discomfort is among the most common symptoms of a heart attack. You are likely to feel pain, pressure in your chest, and tightness when you are having a heart attack or a blocked artery. Women have different ways of explaining the feeling. Some say that it feels like an elephant sitting on their chest, while others say that they experience a burning or pinching feeling. The feeling often lasts for a few minutes when you are doing a physical activity or while resting. However, note that sometimes women experience a heart attack with chest pain.

Unusual fatigue

Most women are often busy most of the time. You are probably juggling between taking care of your family, working outside the house, and running a household. As such, you are perhaps tired most of the time, which is normal. However, women ought to watch out for fatigue that is dramatic or new. For instance, you need to visit a physician when a simple activity such as making your bed or shopping at the grocery makes you exhausted. You get worn out suddenly while carrying out your usual exercise routine, or you have sleep disturbances when you feel tired.


One of the common acute sign of a heart attack that women should watch out for is feeling shaky or weak. The weakness is often accompanied by feeling lightheaded, anxiety, fainting, and dizziness. You need to call your physician as soon as you notice weakness accompanied by these feelings to get medical attention before it gets worse.

Nausea, indigestion, or heartburn

woman having chest pain

Some women experience heartburn or nausea during a heart attack. Physicians even note that some women vomit. Of course, sometimes women have an upset stomach for an array of reasons that are not related to a heart attack. However, you cannot ignore this symptom. You need to let your physician know what you are experiencing.

You should not hesitate for a minute to dial your physician as soon as you notice these symptoms even if they are mild. Emergency physician services can save a life in the event of a heart attack. Additionally, women need to consult physicians often to check on their health as well as learn preventative measures to take to prevent heart attacks.

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