Location Alternatives for Your Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace area

There are various options for you to create a cozy interior in your home. One of the inexpensive ones is the installation of a fireplace. This has been a symbol of a relaxing and calming atmosphere for ages. Traditionally, the only fuel option for your fireplace was wood.

Nowadays, you have several fireplace fuel alternatives. A gas fireplace is now the popular choice for Salt Lake City commercial and residential properties. This can be operated using a remote control, generates no ash, and can be directly vented to your exteriors.

You can install a gas fireplace virtually anywhere in your home since it does not need a chimney for venting. Here are some of your location alternatives for the fireplace.

Central Location

This is the traditional choice for the placement of fireplaces in living rooms. In a central location, your fireplace will be a dramatic feature to your interiors rather than having a simple TV as the center of your room.

This location also allows you some flexibility. You can use the finish for your fireplace for the entire wall or highlight some of its features like the brick and use it for your wall’s cladding to complement your fireplace.

As a Room Divider

This option is among the contemporary interior design approaches. Using the fireplace as your room divider minimizes the walls in your interiors and complements the open living style of modern homes. Most people who opt for this location will choose a double-sided fireplace.

This way, the flames are visible from both sides of the room. You can use this alternative for your fireplace to divide the bathroom and bedroom areas, the entrance and living space or the living and dining rooms.

In a Suspended Position

Those who want a modern look can consider suspending the fireplace from a room’s ceiling. In this position, the fireplace will be in the center of the room or balanced to the side.

This option leaves you with free floor space. You can choose to have a rotating fireplace that will heat different areas of your interiors directly. This minimizes fuel wasted heating unoccupied zones of a room.

In a View

Cozy living room with fireplaceIf you want to emphasize a particular view of your room, you can place a fireplace in its course so that people’s eyes are naturally drawn in that direction. The fireplace’s mantel will also help to frame your view. When placing a fireplace in your property’s view, you should ensure the scale you choose will not detract the view.

In a Corner

Corners are unusable spaces in most homes. A fireplace placed in the corner will work for bedrooms kitchens, living rooms, and foyers since it will not affect the overall functionality of the room. The corner location is perfect for small fireplaces and will beautify the room and turn it into an intimate space.

A fireplace’s location need not mirror the one in all homes in your street. This is one of the elements in your interiors that you can use to customize your design. Thanks to the above tidbits, you are now in an excellent position to choose the best spot for your fireplace’s expert installation.

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