5 Creative Tips for a Unique Headstone Inscription

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Few things can take away the distress that follows the death of a loved one. The realization that there are gone forever can take a toll on the emotions of those left behind. But while your loved one is separated from you physically, you can make sure that their memories stay with you for a long time.

Placing a headstone with a fitting inscription on their grave is one of the perfect ways to memorialize your loved one. But how can you make sure that the inscription you choose is unique?

Use your loved one’s own words

Some people who buy headstones in Ogden choose to have words of their loved ones inscribed in them. Few inscription choices can be more personal. If your dear one decided to write an epitaph for themselves while they were still alive, fulfill their wishes by having that epitaph on their headstone.

If they didn’t write the epitaph, then go through their letters and find a statement that best represents their voice.

Write their epitaph in prose

Another unique idea is to choose a description, poem or even a love letter for your loved one’s headstone inscription. Simply ask yourself what you would have wanted to say to the person if you had the chance. You can also include some of the outstanding qualities that your loved one had, as well as what you’d like to remember most about them.

Don’t shy away from asking a professional creative writer to help out if need be.

Add a light touch of humor

Was your loved one renowned for his sense of humor? Did he like to make jokes regarding certain aspects of life? Was he a professional comedian? Then you can include that quality in their epitaph. It’s a special way to honor them.

As you decide on a humorous text, be sensitive to others who care about the person too so they find the epitaph funny and fitting so you don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

Get inscription from a song lyrics

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If your loved one loved music and had a favorite song, then you can select a portion of the song’s lyrics and have it inscribed in their headstone. It’s best to choose the part of the song that best resonated with your loved one or described them.

The chorus is usually the best part, if you can’t find a fitting statement in other parts of the song.

Use a code for the epitaph

Another unique idea for a special tribute to your loved one once they are gone is by using a coded message. The code could be a riddle with a special meaning, or the first letter of a line in a poem. It could also be a code offering clues about a top family secret.

Keeping the memories of your loved one alive can help reduce the overwhelming feeling of loss once they are gone. By choosing a unique engagement on their headstone, you can make sure that your special one lives on in your heart and mind long after their burial.

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