Basic Tools that You Should Have at Home

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Hiring a handyman in Melbourne whenever there’s something to be done or repaired in your home can be costly in the long run. If you can do the repair by yourself, why not do it yourself? Hanging a picture frame isn’t that hard, is it?

You might not be a professional, but there are some tools that you should have at home in case you have to put up something or do minor repairs. Don’t forget to visit your local building supply stores to scout for the best tools available.

Small Cutting Tools

There are two small cutting tools that you should have: a utility knife and a box knife. A box cutter can help you cut cardboards, boxes, and other soft materials. A utility knife meanwhile is a versatile tool that can help you in almost any project that you have to do. It can cut objects harder than cardboards and boxes.


There are many types of saws, but for starters, you can either have a hand saw or an electric saw. Hand saws are easy to use for quick jobs, while electric saws are better for cutting large wooden boards to specific sizes. Be careful because electric saws are powerful. Keep them out of the reach of children.


A level is typically used by carpenters, but it can be useful to you when you have to put a mantle over your fireplace or hang frames on a wall.

Locking Pliers or Vise Grips

Locking pliers hold metal firmly into place. You can use them when you’re changing a faucet or pipe in your kitchen or bathroom.

Cordless Drill and Bits

You can use a hammer to drive nails into walls or wherever a nail is needed. However, to make the job easier, it’s best to use a drill instead. It’s an electric tool that can work as a hammer.

Aside from driving nails, a drill can be used as a screwdriver and sometimes as a saw. You can use it to drive screws wherever they are needed or use it to create holes.

When buying a drill, choose one that has the appropriate power voltage according to your needs. The higher the voltage, the higher the power your drill will have. And pick a cordless one so that you can easily use it in tight places.

Staple Guns

The staple gun is another versatile tool that can be used for a lot of purposes. In general, it is used to fasten all kinds of materials together, whether in simple maintenance work or home construction.

Pliers and Tape Measures

Set of manual tools on a wooden boards background

You’ll also need pliers for gripping, cutting, and bending steel wires. A tape measure is not only used in dressmaking. For utility work at home, you can use it to measure walls, furniture, and almost anything.

When buying tools, don’t just go for the cheap ones. Buy the best that your money can afford, especially when purchasing power tools such as drills and electric saws. Quality power tools always have safety features that can prevent accidents. Remember, safety is always a priority when doing a handyman’s job.

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