Choosing Between Cold Water and Hot Water for Drain Line Cleaning

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The sooner you respond to the warning signs of a clogged drain line, the better. If left unchecked, blockages can result in expensive repairs and serious health complications for the family. When it comes to unclogging the line, even professionals seem to argue about the suitability of either cold water or hot water. Each choice has its benefits when used in the right setting.

Here is the Confusion

Cold water at the right pressure and in good amounts can remove blockages, even grease. The question is, what you should do if the buildup will not go away? When you remember that you recently washed extremely greasy utensils, would you rather stick to cold water or simply melt the clog with hot water? Hot water does an incredible job when it comes to getting rid of grease from the dishes, but there are questions about its use in the drain line. Ask any 24 hour plumber in Salt Lake City; they will tell you that complete removal of grease from many surfaces can be done with cold water alone. What then happens if the grease from your turkey meal is still trapped in the drain line?

Hot Water Argument

A myth has been going around that pouring hot water down the drain is the best remedy. For clothes, dishes, and other items in the household, hot water makes the cleaning job easier. However, it is not entirely true that hot water will dissolve all the grease in the drain line. Grease dissolves when exposed to hot water, but the action does not last long. A short distance down the line, the grease solidifies again and forms a clog. What you have now is a larger chunk of FOG in a different place. The good news is that there is a right way of using hot water for clearing FOG from the drain line. When used together with special enzymes, the hot water helps loosen the grease. Start by pouring some hot water in the drain, then add a warm mixture of enzymes into the line. Being fond of grease, these bacteria will eliminate it in no time. They also reproduce fast, so the action will be impressive.

The Application of Cold Water

Remember that for PVC pipes, pouring hot water inside can be disastrous. The right way to deal with FOG in such drain lines is to run cold water. The pressure of the water is enough to grind away most of the clogs. Most importantly, the water will reduce the hardened fat and grease. This minimizes chances of the same collecting farther down the drain line and forming a blockage.


The debate about cold water and hot water is not about to end, but it is true that some drain cleaning methods work better than others. Plain hot water seems to be an undesirable remedy for FOG, but it can be powerful when used with enzymes. The fact is that grease and fat in the drain line will demand urgent action before wastewater overflows. To avoid contamination of the environment, use tested and proven approaches. If cold water does not work, try hot water in combination with enzymes. If the proposed methods fail, it is time to call a plumber.

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